How Contagious is Head Lice?

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We'd love to say, "Ahhh don't worry about it, those critters aren't all that contagious!" Alas, that would not be true. Lice have been around for thousands of years and they have managed to last by moving from head to head. If you put a child with lice near another child, chances are fairly good that at least one bug from the infested child will move on to the other child's head. This is especially true if the infested child's head is crowded with lice and the lice are looking for a fresh head with more room. 

When hair is crowded with nits, lice try to move on to another head. The reality is that about 95% of head lice are transferred through head to head contact. Lice need the temperature of a person's head plus human blood to thrive. Each louse feeds on blood 3 times daily. Lice have no incentive to leave the head and hang around on a chair or shirt where it is cold and there is no food. When another available, presumably less crowded, head of hair shows up and is within reach of head 1, lice from head 1 happily travel to the new head. Why not? A non-infested head means less competition for a feeding spot for the newly arrived lice. No need for tears. Call LiceDoctors! Once a couple of live bugs arrive on the new head, it is feeding and breeding time. The bugs eat 3 times a day and lay eggs (nits) at a rate of 6-10 eggs daily. The mature lice die after about 30 days and leave a legacy behind in the form of hundreds of nits. As these eggs mature and hatch, you can see how easily head 2 gets crowded and the lice will be ready to move to heads 3, 4, 5, and 6. And so the cycle continues. Remember whether you are in Baton Rouge or Bogalusa, New Orleans or Napoleonville, or anywhere in Louisiana, head lice are contagious critters. If you contract a case, it will most likely be from direct head to head contact and not from a brush, hat, chair, or any other object. If you discover lice on your child or your own head, give LiceDoctors a call in Baton Rouge at 225-407-9603 and in New Orleans at 504-521-7573. We have a live lice expert who will answer your call from 7 am until after midnight every day of the week and we are eager to help you. Don't deal with tears and fussing; your kids will love our lice experts. They get the job done painlessly and efficiently.

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