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Can I Have Lice and Not Know It?

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By Karen Keavey
May 28, 2020

This question comes up quite often and unfortunately, the answer is YES.  Because lice are shifty little creatures, you may be infected without realizing it.  Believe it or not, many people with head lice have no idea they have it at all! Not everyone has symptoms of lice.

You Are Not The Only One With Head Lice!

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By LiceDoctors Technician, Kelli Ogle
May 14, 2020

Believe us when we tell you that you are not alone when it comes to getting head lice. Millions of children and their families get lice each year. Children are in close enough contact to their friends that lice can be transmitted easily.

Lice Products and Tools

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By Lice Technician Jessica Zachar
April 30, 2020

When treating for head lice, you want to be sure that you have high quality tools. It can be challenging to get out all signs of head lice and having the proper tools is important.

How I Help My Clients

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By Head Lice Technician, Sean McGee
April 24, 2020

At LiceDoctors, our mission is to take the burden from you and put this case of head lice in the past.  We make sure that all of the lice eggs are removed and that is where you cannot equal an in-home professional lice treatment service like LiceDoctors.

Can Wigs Get Lice?

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By Lice Technician Sean McGee
April 25, 2020

Like hats, wigs may carry lice but are only a problem if the bugs crawl off the wig and onto your own hair. Lice cannot get their food, human blood, while residing on a wig.

So You Want to Know How Long You've Had Lice?

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By Chelsea Lonergan 
April 20, 2020

Clients often want to know how long we think that they have had lice so they can get to the bottom of how they got it. While we cannot give you an exact answer, we can give you an estimate. Usually clients have had lice longer than they think!

Downers Grove and Wheaton School Lice Policy

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downers grove wheaton elmhurst school head lice policy student nit

Schools in Downers Grove and Wheaton districts allow students to remain in school until the end of the day when lice lice are found. Students are expected to be treated at home and return to school the next day free of lice. Students with nits only may stay in school.