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Head Lice and Bedding: Facts 2020

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Head lice is generally transmitted by close person to person contact. It is unlikely that you will contract a case of head lice from sheets since the bugs will die soon after landing on the sheets. In other words, the risk of contracting head lice from bedding is very low.

What to Do About Head Lice During the Coronavirus Epidemic

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We want you to be safe. Getting head lice is stressful. The fear of getting COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus, is way more stressful and way more serious. How do you handle head lice in the time of COVID-19? LiceDoctors Owner Karen Sokoloff shares important information regarding lice treatment in these uniquely stressful times.

Phantom Lice Syndrome

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If your head is itching and you are afraid you have head lice. If you are worried that everything you see or think you see in your hair might be lice. Take a deep breath and remember head lice isn't the only thing that can make your head itch. 


Head Lice Prevention Tips

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LiceDocors Technician Klli Ogle shares some excellent tips for preventative steps that you can take, that may help keep head lice out of your home.