Lice Tips

Phantom Lice Syndrome

If your head is itching and you are afraid you have head lice. If you are worried that everything you see or think you see in your hair might be lice. Take a deep breath and remember head lice isn't the only thing that can make your head itch. 


Head Lice Prevention Tips

LiceDocors Technician Klli Ogle shares some excellent tips for preventative steps that you can take, that may help keep head lice out of your home.

Inside View: Questions Clients Ask Lice Technicians

LiceDoctors technicians have three missions: 1) to get rid of the lice infestation 2) to give clients peace of mind 3) to educate clients about lice to help prevent future infestations. Here are the 5 most common questions asked of LiceDoctors professional lice technicians by clients.