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Family and Head Lice

Updated on October 29, 2019

Woman and 3 little girls, one riding piggyback.

Family and Head Lice

You have just discovered that your daughter has head lice. Not the best news you have ever gotten. The next question is what about your other kids? What are the chances that you have it or that your husband has contracted a case?

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Actually, the chance of a case of head Lice spreading within a family is high. In over 75% of cases, if a child has a case of lice then either mom and/or a sibling has it as well. Dads are less likely than mom's to get lice, but it happens. If grandma and and grandpa are frequent visitors to the family, then they may contract the case also. (for more discussion about Grandparents and head lice)

Grandparents, Elderly man and woman holding infant and toddler in their laps.

Why is that? Are head lice that contagious? The answer is YES. Can you pick up a case from a couch or chair? The answer is UNLIKELY. Then how and why do so many family get lice when a case is brought home?

The answer is through head to head contact. Think about how often your family is in close contact with each other: when you hug, when the kids play together, when you pick up a young one, when you help an older one with homework, and the list goes on and on. No wonder lice cases run through families!

Should you find your family has lice, it is time to bring in a professional. Lice chemicals are often not effective and have potential side effects. (Google “super lice”). When making a decision about what service to use, there are generally two options: lice removal service that makes house calls like LiceDoctors or a salon that often uses a heat device.

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There are several reasons to go with LiceDoctors:

  1. LiceDoctors has the most experience of all lice treatment companies: 20 years and 400,000 happy clients.

  2. LiceDoctors is usually the lowest-price option in an area. Note: Companies that use AirAllé hot air devices charge by the head; family of four costs $575 or more compared with LiceDoctors average charge of $325 for a family of four. 

  3. LiceDoctors is the safest option—no side effects while AirAllé’s web site warns, “Not demonstrated to be safe for kids under 4 years of age…. CAUTION: Because the device delivers heated air, there is a slight possibility of scalp burn if the device is not used according to instructions.” (Source AirAllé.com) 

Other benefits of LiceDoctors compared to a salon include:​

  1. No risk of contracting a case from another client

  2. Absolute privacy; your technician arrives in an unmarked car

  3. Convenience— what is more convenient than a house call?

  4. Flexibility: when child one has been treated, she is free to resume her need to wait for mom or sibling to be checked or treated.

So if you find head lice, make sure that all family members are checked and treated. There is no point in clearing some family members because if other family members have it, you will just keep recirculating the infestation.

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