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Are you fighting a never-ending battle with head lice? Have you just found lice and are not sure what to do? Do you want an alternative to chemical lice treatments? If you answered yes to any if these questions, you have come to the right place.

LiceDoctors in-home service has been treating individuals and families for many years. We have an unparalleled track record, including an "A" rating with the BBB and having vanquished lice infestations in 450,000 clients, safely and effectively! LiceDoctors is Pennsylvania’s only lice and nit removal service with a medical doctor on staff. We stand behind your lice removal treatment with a full guarantee. We make house calls day and night, 365 days a year, whenever you need us.

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Over 400,000 Happy Customers
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Client Testimonials

  • Relieved Grandma "My grand daughter was infested with lice and I was at my wits end. LiceDoctors was awesome and now my grand daughter is lice free. I will definitely recommend LiceDoctors to everyone I know....they are awesome. They are wonderful and hands down the best ever..." Donna P. in Marcus Hook, PA Yelp 5 Stars.

  • "This is something I never thought I would be talking about.....LICE!   I almost had a nervous breakdown since I could not get control of the situation; who all in my family had lice? what really works? am I poisoning my kids with pesticides? I had enough and called the LiceDoctors; best decision I ever made. A LiceDoctor technician, Audrey, came out to my home within hours of my call. She was able to identify who had lice, remove them and placed us on a follow up program to ensure I had an end date to this situation.....and I stopped shaking. Audrey was not only extremely knowledgeable about this subject, she was professional and the calm I needed to manage this. The follow-up process made sense and is all natural...oh, and it works too.   I highly recommend LiceDoctors to get through this, quickly, naturally and the right way..." Michelle S. in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.

  • "I called the LiceDoctors the instant I found out that I had lice and I knew that meant my daughter had it too. I called at 12;30 and they told me that they could be at my house by 5 that very same day! The technician was beyond nice and was full of every piece of information my family was freaking out about. She checked my entire family and was extremely thorough. My daughter's father was at work when she came to the house so she even came the very next day after her busy work schedule and checked him and all of his family! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!" Jessica R. in Pennsylvania.

  • "I did not want to put toxic chemicals on my daughters (why would I?) and nothing I tried was working. My friend turned me on to LiceDoctors and now she is my BEST friend. You guys did an awesome job! Thanks for coming so quickly and for finally getting rid of those little beasts!" Carol L. in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


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