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Lice Treatment & Lice Removal Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Why LiceDoctors?

  • LiceDoctors makes house calls
  • Over 600,000 clients treated
  • Pricing lower than salons
  • Covered by FSA/HSAs
  • medical professionals on staff
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Chemical-free protocols
  • 99.6% success rate
  • Available 365 days and nights
  • Totally confidential

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Do You Need Help With Head Lice Removal in Philadelphia, PA?

Simply call or schedule an appointment with LiceDoctors, the premier in-home lice treatment service serving Philadelphia, PA. Our team of skilled lice technicians will promptly come to your residence to thoroughly examine your entire family and provide you with the benefits of professional lice treatment. Rest assured that our Philadelphia lice removal service utilizes a completely natural treatment method that will effectively rid you of lice.

With a 20 year track record in the lice treatment industry, LiceDoctors is the most knowledgeable, experienced, and affordable lice removal company; we have successfully treated hundreds of thousands of clients. Our services are overseen by a board-certified medical professionals who is part of our dedicated staff. We are so confident in our service that we offer a comprehensive guarantee. Take the first step today by inviting an expert lice technician to your home for a discreet and personalized treatment experience. Call now for more information at 215-344-1413 or reach out to us online to make an appointment.

Why Choose Us for Lice Treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

We are your local head lice treatment and nit removal service serving Philadelphia and all surrounding areas. If you or your family has head lice and want it treated professionally and confidentially, you have found the right head lice removal service.

  1. Experience and Expertise - Having treated more than 600,000 infested heads, our lice experts possess extensive training and experience in handling head lice infestations. Our highly skilled technicians are proficient in detecting and eliminating all visible lice eggs and bugs, ensuring a comprehensive extermination of the infestation. With a success rate of 99.6%, we hold the highest reported success rate.
  2. Safe and Non-Toxic Treatment - We employ all-natural and chemical-free remedies that are guaranteed to be gentle and effective, unlike over-the-counter or prescription drugs, to which lice have become increasingly resistant. Our step by step technique uses chemical-free products and it works! All treatments are non-toxic and safe for everyone in the family, including infants and pregnant moms.
  3. Convenient and Private - We provide our services in the client's home, ensuring your comfort and convenience while also saving time and reducing stress, particularly for young children. LiceDoctors comes to your home anywhere in the Philadelphia metropolitan area (in an unmarked car) and eradicates your lice problem with privacy and confidentiality.
  4. Flexible and Efficient - In-home head lice removal service provides your whole family with the flexibility that you will not find in a removal salon. There is no wasted waiting time; when each child has been seen and treated, he or she is free to go back to everyday activities. You don’t need to be concerned about picking up lice or germs at a lice salon or bumping into classmates. With LiceDoctors pain-free, pesticide-free in-home treatment service, you eliminate driving time, lessen stress, and maximize flexibility.
  5. Medical Doctor on Staff - lice professionals, a prominent advocate of chemical-free treatments and expert in the field, is part of the LiceDoctors team. He has developed a treatment and aftercare plan that aligns with the recommendations of the National Pediculosis Association in Newton, MA.
  6. Thorough - At LiceDoctors, the lice specialists are knowledgeable and courteous, addressing any inquiries or concerns from clients. They provide an aftercare plan to help prevent future lice infestations and maintain a lice-free environment.
  7. Available on Your Schedule - LiceDoctors offers same-day, affordable, and effective head lice treatment services, in your Philly area home, from 7 AM to midnight, every day of the week.
  8. Guaranteed -Our head lice treatments are backed by a one-month guarantee, giving clients peace of mind that they will be free of lice after treatment.
Lice Treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Professional Lice Removal - Our Process

Step 1: Our head lice technician will initiate the lice removal process by reviewing with you what she will do and setting up her supplies.

Step 2: The technicians will proceed with the lice treatment process on kids and adults, which involves the following steps:

  • Begin by applying the oil. Section the hair into smaller parts to ensure even application.
  • Thoroughly comb the hair using a special comb to remove any dead lice and nits.

Step 3: Handpick remaining lice and lice eggs carefully.

  • Examine each section to identify any remaining nits. This step in your head lice treatment service requires the most expertise as lice and nits are tiny and are able to blend in quite seamlessly on the hair.

Step 4: Administer a second oil treatment.

  • For added thoroughness we add a second drenching of oil and combing through the hair. Our process is so complete that we have the highest recorded success rate.

Step 5: Review after-care plan

  • We will review with you our simple follow-up plan which guarantees that the infestation is gone and the lice will not return. This plan eliminates the need to do major clean up and mounds of laundry.
  • Your technician will educate families about the life cycle of head lice, give you prevention tips, and leave you feeling worry-free and confident that the stressful experience of treating lice on your own is behind you and that you have the knowledge to help prevent future outbreaks.
Lice Treatment in Philadelphia

Lice Treatment Pricing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • For head lice treatment in Philadelphia, the cost is $199 for the first hour (includes travel up to 30 miles to your home) and $169 for each following hour, prorated into 15 minute increments
  • Average price for a family of 4 is $480, depending on how long and infested the hair is.
  • LiceDoctors prices are lower than lice salons which are not as convenient and charge between $750 and $1000 for a family of 4
  • Call us today and a lice expert will answer your call from 7:00 am until midnight every day, 365 days a year. A technician will come to you to remove lice on your schedule, day or night.
  • Treatments are covered by Health Savings Plans and Flexible Spending Accounts and by some insurance plans.
  • Same day service - 7 days a week - 20 years experience! Call now for more information at 215-344-1413 to speak to an expert or reach out to us online to make an appointment.

Call Lice Doctors for Lice Treatment Right in Your Home in Philadelphia, PA Today!

LiceDoctors offers confidential, complete, and chemical-free lice help to families in Philadelphia. Your lice specialist will make a home visit to check and treat your family. No chemical lice products will be used and all live lice will be killed. Our lice removal services come with a 30 day guarantee when the whole family is treated.

LiceDoctors nit pickers make house calls all over the Philadelphia and the surrounding area including, but not limited to, Ardmore, Darby, Lansdowne, Levittown, Malvern, Philadelphia, Wayne, and many more. We service all zip codes in the area including 19085, 19035 and 19041. We also treat families in Cherry Hill and South Jersey.

Call quickly for head lice removal service in Philadelphia and surrounding area today. We will answer any questions that you have and set you up with an appointment so you can get your kids back in school tomorrow. Does everyone in house need to be treated for lice?

FAQs about Lice Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

Do at home lice treatments work?

You have to be careful with do-it-yourself treatments and over-the counter products. Even ones that have been recommended by a friend may cause allergic reactions in your family. Others are simply ineffective at killing head lice. One of the advantages of having a LiceDoctors expert provide lice removal treatment in Philadelphia is that she knows exactly what she is doing and can do it safely.

Does everyone in house need to be treated for lice?

Head lice are extremely contagious and the only way to guarantee that there won't be future outbreaks from this case is to have the whole checked and treated if a bug or nits are found. If only one person receives lice services, the other family members are at risk.

How do you treat your house if someone has lice?

You do not need to treat your Philadelphia home if someone has an infestation. The reason for that is that lice live on the scalp not in your place of residence or on your clothes. You are looking for the presence of lice on the head where they get the blood they need to survive.





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