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Lice Treatment From Lice Removal Experts In Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania


Why LiceDoctors?

  • LiceDoctors makes house calls
  • Over 600,000 clients treated
  • Pricing lower than salons
  • Covered by FSA/HSAs
  • medical professionals on staff
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Chemical-free protocols
  • 99.6% success rate
  • Available 365 days and nights
  • Totally confidential

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Are you a Lehigh Valley, PA area resident dealing with a lice problem?

Simply call or schedule an appointment with LiceDoctors and we will dispatch an expert lice technician to your home. Our Lehigh Valley lice treatment and removal service uses an all natural treatment that will leave you lice-free.

Lice Treatment in Lehigh Valley, PA

We are the most experienced and cost-effective lice removal service in the area; we have treated hundreds of thousands of clients over 20 years. LiceDoctors operates under the guidance of a board-certified, on-staff medical professionals and we back our removal service with a full guarantee! Let's get an expert lice technician to your house today to treat you in absolute privacy.

Why Choose Us in Lehigh Valley, PA?

When a Lehigh Valley family first experiences an outbreak of lice, it is often a surprisingly powerful experience. Though these small bugs are generally harmless medically, an infestation often becomes a fairly major nuisance within a household and can be a very stressful shared experience. Over the past several years, the lice treatment experts at LiceDoctors have treated over 500,000 people, and to put it simply, we have seen it all. 

When you call to learn about LiceDoctors in the Lehigh Valley, our representative will immediately try to understand what you are experiencing, and can explain what we do and how your technician will be able to help. Basically, we can dispatch a skilled and experienced technician to your home who can put you at ease and methodically check and treat everyone and ensure that your lice problem will be solved.

Mobile lice doctor in Lehigh Valley, PA

Our clients tell us that what they appreciate most is being treated competently and professionally in the privacy of their own homes. After achieving a 99.6% success rate, that appreciation is understandable. The LiceDoctors call center is staffed from 7 AM until midnight every day, and we can get someone to your home the same day in most cases. We work 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call 484-725-6362 for more information.

Getting rid of lice can be far more challenging than one might expect, and the products that are available at retail are largely ineffective. Today’s “super lice” have become resistant to these chemicals, and handpicking of all bugs and nits (lice eggs) is the tried and true method to solve the problem. Our Medical Director, lice professionals, a board certified internist, performed the original research in establishing LiceDoctors’ pesticide-free methodology and continues to provide guidance for our technicians and other staff members. No other service provider has the experience and knowledge to match what we offer at LiceDoctors. And, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable cost for our service.

Lehigh Valley, PA Pricing

Our hourly pricing ensures that you will get the most cost-effective, guaranteed, lice treatment available.

  • The first hour is $199, and this includes your technician’s travel up to 30 miles.
  • The hourly rate after the first hour is $169, which is billed in 15 minute increments. 
  • For a family of four, the entire treatment session will generally take from 2.5 to 3 hours, but that time can vary with the seriousness of the case and the types of hair of the family members treated.
  • The average total cost, therefore, is  $480.
  • Compared to the cost of being treated in a lice clinic, families typically save 40-50%.
  • Most FSAs and HSAs can be used for payment and some insurers pay for LiceDoctors service as well.

Lice Treatment and Removal in Lehigh Valley, PA

The Lehigh Valley was one of our early markets, and LiceDoctors is very well-established in the area. School nurses and pediatricians throughout the Lehigh Valley know us and recommend us. Because of our local experience, we know the various school districts and understand how they established their lice policies and how they are enforced today. Pennsylvania Department of Education guidelines state that students with live lice will be sent home and will not readmitted until the lice are gone. Various local districts have given up their “no nit” policies, but it is important that parents be aware of what to expect. Guidance from LiceDoctors during and after your treatment can be very helpful.

Call 484-725-6362 to get all the information you need about what to look for and to learn about our service. We know that residents of the area are very discerning and expect highly professional service. We understand that there is a wide range of urban, suburban, and rural areas in the region, and our local, Lehigh Valley-based technicians can relate to your situation, no matter what you are experiencing.

Areas served by LiceDoctors in the Lehigh Valley include Allentown, Easton, North Whitehall Township, Salisbury Township, South Whitehall Township,  and more and all other townships and cities in the area. We service all zip codes in the area including 18101, 18051 and 18034.


Lehigh Valley, PA FAQs

What should we be doing about cleaning up the house, packing up the children’s toys, and washing linens and furniture etc.?

The lice are transferred directly from person to person in almost every instance. The likelihood of getting lice from furniture or shared space in your Lehigh Valley home is very low. Therefore, it is most important to concentrate on treating the infected family members. We understand that you may get some peace of mind by washing linens and cleaning the house, but we have learned that it is most important to concentrate on examining everyone’s hair to try and see if there are any visible nits and ensure that there are no remaining bugs.

What are the main differences between using LiceDoctors and going to a lice clinic?

Beyond the savings you will experience from using us, you will have the great advantage of being treated privately and comfortably in your own home. Loading up the whole family to get to a Lehigh Valley lice clinic where everyone needs to wait for the rest of the family to have their treatments generally takes much more of the families’ valuable time. It is also less stressful to have your family at home in familiar surroundings where you don’t need to worry about whatever contagions may be floating around and where as soon as a family member has completed treatment, he or she can resume regular activities.

How long after treatment will my children be able to return to school?

Because your technician will remove all live bugs and all visible eggs ( nits), your child will be able to return to school as soon as the treatment is completed. That is consistent with Pennsylvania school guidelines. Both Allentown and Bethlehem school districts discontinued their “no nit” policies, meaning children with nits only in their hair (not live lice) will not be sent home. A representative at our call center (484-725-6362) can provide answers to any and all of your questions.





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