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Why you DON’T Need to Burn your Entire House Down to Be in Control of Head Lice

Why you DON’T Need to Burn your Entire House Down to Be in Control of Head Lice
Updated on 
October 1, 2019

You do not need to clean your house from top to bottom to get rid of head lice. LiceDoctors has a much easier way!

If there’s one question I get asked more than any other, it’s what should family members be doing with all their belongings? “What about the sheets? The stuffed animals? Clothing? Hairbrushes?” Oftentimes, by the time I am called and show up, these items have already been corralled into several black trash bags and either locked away in a dungeon, or thrown out entirely.

large pile of large black tied up garbage bags

When family members ask me these questions, they generally think they already know the answer—yes, get that stuff as far away as possible—and they’re looking for me to validate the hours of work they’ve poured into handling their homes. 

When I tell them that in fact, no, there is no need to touch any of their belongings, they are undoubtedly floored. No exaggeration, I have not had a single client who hasn’t triple or quadruple-checked what I am telling them. The conversation generally goes something like this:

Client: “I don’t need to at least put the bedding in the dryer?”

Me: “Nope! Actually, it’s a myth that dryer heat kills lice and nits.”

Client: “What? Really? But what about the brushes? I’ve been putting them in boiling water or throwing them out.”

Me: “There’s also no need to do that. As long as you follow the protocol you will get rid of any bugs that happen to stray onto belongings and then back onto the head.”

Client: “Really? Wow, I’ve been washing everything in the house. I put all of the toys in trash bags.”

Understandably, many family members have been raised (like me) to believe the myths surrounding lice and how to get rid of them using heat or water. Surprising to many, lice are hearty little things! They can survive a lot. Families that use LiceDoctors can expect their technicians to explain in much more detail what lice can and can’t survive, and dispel some incredibly common myths.

woman holding mop and cleaning supplies wearing rubber gloves and glasses

Honestly, most of the time I treat a client, they are very resistant to my telling them not to strip their homes of all potentially tainted items and throw them in trash bags, the freezer, the dryer, or the local river. Many of them poured their time and energy—over hours or even days—into ridding their homes of lice. When I waltz in and explain that all of it was for nothing, well, it’s a tough pill to swallow. I, therefore, end up saying, usually after a long and frustration-fueled pause, that they are welcome to continue doing what they’re doing if it will make them feel better. This usually leads to a laugh and a response such as, “Ok, thank you, I’ll just keep cleaning up anyway. Just in case.

Even though many clients are uncomfortable with relinquishing control (in the form of constant cleaning), it’s important for new clients to know that that doesn’t have to be the way it is! If you’ve got a new case of lice, or you’re having trouble shaking your current case, know that you can take control over the situation in a way that’s different from what your parents or grandparents may have done. Rather than burning your whole house down, lice education is accessible and ready for you. LiceDoctors technicians have plenty of lice myth-busting to do—let us know when you’re ready to stop doing laundry and take control of lice in a new and more effective way.

If you are in Southampton or East Hampton or anywhere in the vicinity out to Montauk, give LiceDoctors a call. We will send an experienced lice professional to your home to de-lice you and your family. Technicians are available day and night and we accept FSA/HSA cards and treatment is covered by some insurance companies. Call today at 631-306-4390 .

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