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How Do You Use a Lice Comb?

LiceDoctors metal comb with long grooved tines

Updated on July 19, 2020

It is important to use a high quality lice comb to capture nits (eggs) and live lice (bugs).

How to Comb Out Lice and Nits

Getting yourself a professional grade lice comb is a good first step in the battle against head lice. It's best to make sure the hair is wet before combing. Next you want to separate the hair into sections that are about 2 inches wide. Starting near the scalp, comb down on top of the hair and underneath. Make sure that you get all sections of the hair.

Why Do You Need a High Quality Lice Comb?

Lice eggs are small…the more recently laid the egg, the smaller it is. High end combs have tines that are close enough together to grab a lot of the eggs. Cheap combs, like the kind that come with packaged chemical lice treatments, often have tines that are ineffective in grabbing the eggs. Furthermore, if it is made of plastic, you have chance that the comb will break if the hair is thick or has knots.

LiceDoctors Lice Comb is the ultimate lice and nit fighter. It is made of stainless steel and will not break when used as directed. Each prong has micro-grooved indents which are gentle on the scalp and facilitate the elimination of nits.

Do You Need to Do Anything Besides Combing?

The answer is yes. As we said at the start of this blog, getting a good comb is the right first step. The catch here is that even the best professional comb may miss some of the smaller nits. That is why it is essential to follow up combing with hand picking. When you hire professionals like LiceDoctors you are paying for our expertise not only with combing but with the follow up where we find the nits that the comb missed.

Getting rid of head lice and their eggs is definitely a one two punch. First you comb, comb, and comb. Then you pick, pick, and pick. It is labor intensive and to do it right, there are no short cuts. That is why LiceDoctors has been successful in eradicating head lice in nearly 400,000 clients! Give us a call at 800-242-5520.