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Best Head Lice Removal Product

Best Head Lice Removal Product
Updated on 
November 14, 2017

Best Lice Removal Product

We get daily calls from parents asking “what is the best lice shampoo or best lice removal product I can use?” We don’t endorse any chemical lice-killing products on the market, because we wouldn’t use them on our families, plus we’ve been successfully doing professional lice treatment without any chemical lice-killing products for decades. 

The panic induced by spotting insects living on your child is enough for most parents to immediately run out and buy the first lice product they can find. We get it! Almost all parents take this approach first, so if you did, you’re not alone. That means by now, you also probably have witnessed first hand how these products aren’t as effective as they may have been when you were a child. With the ongoing overuse of the same basic chemicals - permethrins and pyrethrins - almost all lice in America today have mutated into “super lice,” so these pesticides have far less effect on the bugs. LiceDoctors - What Is Super Lice

How can we possibly eliminate super lice without lice killing shampoo? Our process is simple on the surface, but took years of medical study and experience to perfect. 

In a nutshell, we: 

  1. Immobilize the lice (we use harmless, painless, and odorless natural oils).
  2. Remove all of the lice and nits from the hair with combing and handpicking. 
  3. Protect the hair so lice can’t recur (again, a specific method of using natural oils).
  4. Optionally, use natural repellents to avoid catching lice again (keep reading for details).

LiceDoctors, having treated hundreds of thousands of clients successfully, has an arsenal of tools, all of which are chemical-free and are components of getting rid of head lice and keeping them away.

LiceDoctors Lice Repellent Spray

lice treatment repellent spray all natural non toxic safe mint

Speaking of keeping lice away, the leader of the gang of lice treatment products is the LiceDoctors Lice Repellent Spray. Before this great product, we recommended to clients that to prevent head lice, they regularly spray their hair with hairspray or add mousse or gel to the hair. The reasoning behind this is that when there is a coating over the hair, it is harder for the lice to use their claws to grab onto the hair. Lice prefer clean hair that dangles loose because it is more accessible for them to grab on to.

Although companies approached us to sell their products, we never found a product that met our quality standards until we found what has become LiceDoctors Peppermint Repellent Spray. This product has the same hair-coating properties as gel and hairspray, but it has the additional benefit of having a natural peppermint scent which naturally wards off head lice. Think of it like wearing (chemical free) bug spray in the woods (but far less stinky). While nothing can guarantee that your child will be 100% protected from lice, this is the best lice prevention product out there.

LiceDoctors Terminator Lice Comb

best nit lice comb high quality durable safereusable

LiceDoctors Lice Comb is the ultimate lice and nit fighter. It is made of stainless steel and will not break or rust when used as directed. Laser technology welding makes the comb highly sturdy and long-lasting. This is the best lice comb, since its long metal micro-grooved teeth are gentle on the scalp, but close enough together to ensure that the comb will grab most nits, even on fine hair. Beware of imposters; we’ve had parents say they ordered a Terminator comb online, only to receive a knock-off with smooth, flimsy teeth. Of course, with any combing procedure, the remaining nits must be manually extracted, and that is where our expertise can really come in handy.

LiceDoctors Shampoo and Conditioner

LiceDoctors Sulfate Free Shampoo

every day lice repellent shampoo conditioner sulfate free mint effective

is the best shampoo as an an adjunct when treating lice. A peppermint clarifying shampoo that leaves the hair shiny and luxurious, it is excellent for oily hair and removing product buildup. Natural ingredients are combined with a unique formulation process that allows this product to be compounded without harmful chemical emulsifiers, so it cleanses without stripping the hair. When using oil in the hair to loosen eggs and slow down lice bugs, this shampoo is a great follow-up to get the oil out of the hair and leave the hair with the scent of peppermint which lice don’t like.

LiceDoctors Sulfate Free Conditioner is a natural spearmint conditioner that leaves hair healthy and manageable. When applied immediately following shampoo, it leaves the hair soft and easy to comb out.  We recommend that you use these two products to wash out oils used to treat lice, and to ensure that the hair is tangle-free to make it easier to spot nits when you check your family in the future. The natural peppermint and spearmint scents help to repel lice, so these products can be used regularly for ongoing lice prevention.

Does Lice Shampoo Kill Nits? 

lice shampoo nix rid pesticide over the counter otc toxic side effect ineffective super lice

Our methods are better than chemicals, because we eliminate nits. Nits are encased in a hard, impenetrable shell. Even if a chemical could get at the nit inside the shell, the main chemicals used in products today are neurotoxins, so they’d need a developed adult nervous system to work on. So when a parent asks, “does lice shampoo kill eggs or nymphs (baby bugs)?” the answer is usually no. 

Can You Use Lice Shampoo Two Days In A Row?  

When parents use a lice shampoo and find live crawlers the very next morning, many resolve to try again. This is not recommended by doctors, since these products are not without risk; even the product labels warn about potential side-effects, the risk of which would increase with further exposure. Source: Drugs.com Not to mention, this is the same overuse mindset that led to super lice in the first place! LiceDoctors products are safe to use daily.

safe for family lice treatment non toxic effective everyone baby elderly infant pregnant mom

You can order LiceDoctors lice removal and lice prevention products online in our store, or you can view and purchase these products during your appointment with a LiceDoctors technician, who will come to your home to do the lice removal process for you while you watch and learn, or relax and enjoy your favorite beverage. Either way, we offer this array of products to help your family safely become and stay lice-free!

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