Video Lice Tip Of The Day

LiceDoctors owners Wendy and Karen share valuable information on why choosing LiceDoctors is the best choice.

  1. Expertice - you need to know what you are looking for and how to find it.
  2. Experience - LiceDoctors has the most experience in the industry. 20 plus years, treated over 400,000 and a Medical Doctor on staff.
  3. Pricing - Lowest pricing in the industry, much less than "per head" services.
  4. Safety - National Pediculosous Assocication recommended hand picking and combing method - other options, that use hot air or chemicals have side effects, LiceDoctors protocol is safe for newborns to the elderly. 
  5. Convenience - We make House Calls! 
    *** BONUS - LiceDoctors educates and empowers you! ***

Rest assured these are not all of the reasons you should choose LiceDoctors, for a few more reasons Why Use LiceDoctors check out our website, or call 800-224-2537 today for fast, all natural and effective treatment of your head lice.