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Super Lice Stronger Than Ever

Updated on May 18, 2017

Super Lice

A Note of Advice From Some Very Wise Lice Super Lice Let us introduce ourselves. We are your enemy; we are lice and we laugh at your sissy treatments. So you think you can get rid of us by pouring some chemicals on us? Get with the program. We are tough.  We have mutated. We are SUPER LICE. Your chemicals may kill some of our weak lice friends but most of us are way stronger than any chemicals you buy in the drugstore. Think you can call your pediatrician and get stronger chemicals? Go ahead try it. We're pretty sure that we will laugh at those chemicals as well. Ever hear of the survival of the fittest? We lice have been around for all a lot longer than you humans. While it's not in our best interest to tell you how to get rid of us lice, let me give you some advice: don't waste your money on that stuff.

How To Get Rid Of My Friends and Me

Don't think you can trick me into telling you how to get rid of my friends and me. We are happy living on your head. Actually to survive we need the body temperature of 98.6. That means we're not going to live on your dogs and certainly not on your furniture. I will tell you this: if you want to eliminate us you better physically pull every one of us out of your hair. If you leave even one of my nit friends in your hair, your case is going to start all over again.

A Super Secret

I am going to tell you a secret. There is only one word that can scare us lice:  LiceDoctors.  Those techs are tougher than we lice. You know the scariest part? They know how to track us down in your hair. LiceDoctors wipes us out! (Hey don't tell my lice friends that I told you that!) Learn more about our Lice Treatment Removal Service now!

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