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Ten Tips of What NOT TO DO and One Tip of What TO DO to Get Rid of Head Lice


Updated on July 19, 2020

  1. Do not expect chemicals to kill the lice--this is a mistake that many people make.anchorage-lice-removal-chemicals-ineffective Unfortunately, lice have mutated over the years and many have morphed into what are now called "super lice". These lice are highly resistant to pesticides and are the source of a lot of frustration to families who try to kill them with chemicals that do not work. The lice eggs (nits) are even more resilient as they have a shell that is so tough that chemicals can not seep in to kill the baby louse (nymph).
  2. NO need to do loads of wash. Lice die when off the head for a day. Do not count on your doctor to treat your head lice-- he or she simply does not have the time to stand and pick out every nit and bug in your hair. It is a labor-intensive process and all nits must be removed to prevent a recurrence. Furthermore, as many doctors will tell you, they are not trained in Pediculosis (head lice) in medical school so they do not have the expertise to eliminate a case of head lice as that comes with training and experience.
  3. Do not bag toys--it is a waste of time and not at all necessary. The lice can only survive off the head for about a day so bagging toys is overkill. Take it from us; we have over 20 years of experience, you will be spinning your wheels if you embark on this endeavor.
  4. Do not do loads of wash---again this is overkill. You may wish to wash your bedsheets but any bug that is in the hamper with your worn clothes will die within a day.
  5. anchorage-lice-removal-pet-dog-hugging Your pet can not get head lice. Do not fumigate your house--this is potentially harmful to your health and will not kill the bugs or nits. At LiceDoctors we say, "When it comes to a louse, treat the head not the house".
  6. Do not expect lice treatment to be one and done--it took weeks for your case to develop, it takes a little follow-up to ensure that it is gone for good. LiceDoctors eradicates all visible lice and nits but the newly laid ones will be microscopic for a couple of days and you need to ensure that those are eradicated as well.
  7. Do not worry about your pet--dogs, cats, and other pets can not get head lice. Head lice need the temperature of the human head and human blood for food.
  8. Anchorage lice removal nits eggs camouflaged in hair Nits and lice are small and often camouflage in the hair. Do not keep your lice case a secret--the stigma is fading as so many families have suffered with it. Head lice have nothing to do with hygiene and everything to do with being social. If you let your child's friends know, then they can get checked and treated and then they will not reinfest your child.
  9. Do not feel guilty that your child has lice or that you missed the case--lice are rampant in schools and no one is immune. In addition, the nits are tiny and blend into the hair so they are hard to find. Furthermore, not everyone is itchy or shows signs of having lice.
  10. anchorage-lice-removal-treatment LiceDoctors guarantees that we will get rid of your head lice infestation safely and effectively. Do not waste time on do-it-yourself treatments--while homeopathic treatments are often safer than chemicals, they are also often ineffective because it is still essential to pick out all nits from the hair. That is difficult to do for an untrained person and nearly impossible to do on your own head.
  11. Do call LiceDoctors--we guarantee that we will put an end to your lice case and will do it safely and efficiently. In addition, we will educate you so that you will know how to help prevent a future infestation. In Anchorage and all surrounding areas, call LiceDoctors for lice removal day or night at 907-290-2307.

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