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Questions that We Hear Often At LiceDoctors and the Answers to Them

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Our LiceDoctors technician, Bobbi, is busy removing all nits.

  1. Why do I keep trying lice shampoos and following the directions but still continue to find nits?  The answer to laying to rest a case of lice is to get rid of every single nit (egg) in the head. The shampoos do not affect nits; you have to pull or comb out the nits and it is common for people to leave behind a few nits. Also lice have become very resistant to the pesticides that are on the market. The benefit of a professional lice treatment service like LiceDoctors is that our technicians are experienced in finding and removing camouflaged nits from the hair.
  2. Can my dog or cat get lice? girl getting lice treatment - LiceDoctorsPets can not get lice. Lice require the temperature and blood from the human head in order to survive.
  3. I am a neat freak and my children bathe and wash their hair daily. How did we get lice? As mentioned above, lice need two things in order to live: blood from the human head as their food source and 98.6 degree temperature or close to that. To access their home on a human head, they need hair to use as their ladder. They do not care if the person is clean or dirty, although it is easier for them to claw onto clean (ungreasy) hair. The longer your hair is, the easier it is for a bug to find it.
  4. Can my child get lice from sharing hats or from the bus seats? Yes, but that only accounts for about 5 per cent of lice transmissions. The vast majority of cases of lice are passed along via head to head contact.
  5. Picture of nits and lice. The lice have legs while the nits are oval shaped. What do nits look like and how can I tell if they have already hatched? Lice lay 6-10 eggs or nits a day and they are glued to one side of the hair shaft. They are close to the scalp, when viable, so as to be kept at ideal temperature. Nits are oval with a pointy antenna at one end. They have a translucent shell that encases a brown baby bug called a nymph. When the egg hatches, the remaining shell stays attached to the hair until it falls off or is pulled off. Often you will find them 1/2 inch down the hair shaft and without the embryo inside they look whitish.

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