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May 30, 2022
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October 7, 2020

If you’re ready to throw in the towel and call in the experts for lice treatment, you are likely in the process of researching what professional lice treatment works best for you. In your search, you may have read about the heated lice treatment or AirAllé. If you’ve narrowed down your search, you may want to know what’s the difference in effectiveness between usual professional lice treatment and those using the AirAllé treatment?

When searching for professional lice removal services, you will find that there are two primary treatment options. Airalle is a heat treatment for lice and traditional lice treatment that involves the removal of all eggs and bugs from the hair manually, often using a combination of professional combing and hand-picking nits. Is airalle lice treatment effective at killing lice with heat, or is traditional treatment the best option?


According to the CDC, it is possible to kill head lice with the use of heat. However, killing lice with heat either on furniture or clothing or by way of a lice heat treatment is not so straightforward. Can lice die from heat and can nits die from heat? Lice are hearty creatures and the eggs that they lay (nits) have a very tough shell that can not be penetrated. The temperature needed to kill head lice is 130 degrees Fahrenheit which you may not want to be aimed at your child’s head. This temperature needs to be sustained for a minimum of five minutes to kill lice. Lice heat treatments are not recommended at home or for young children.

Does Hot Water Kill Lice?

Hot Water Kill Lice

Can hot water kill lice? Yes, on clothes, but no on the head; do not expect head lice to be affected by your everyday hot shower or standard warm wash in the washing machine. While it is not necessary to wash clothes to eradicate a lice infestation, laundering clothing or bedding in hot water can kill lice as long as the water temperature reaches one hundred and thirty degrees Fahrenheit and stays at that temperature for a few minutes. In terms of treating a head lice infestation on a person with hot water, this is not recommended; in fact, we strongly discourage it because of the danger it poses. The United States National Library of Medicine indicates that a person can get a serious burn from just three seconds of exposure to a 140 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Imagine what five minutes of exposure to 130 degrees can do. The risks outweigh any potential benefits of attempting to kill lice on a person’s head with hot water. Do NOT try this. In addition, many users of heat treatments follow them up with manual lice extraction so why not skip the risky part of the protocol?


If you were wondering can a hair dryer kill lice, or will a hair dryer kill lice, the answer not practically speaking. Since most hair dryers reach temperatures from 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit they may have the ability to kill head lice, but you will likely be burned. Keep in mind that in order to kill lice, the temperature needed to kill them must be sustained for at least five minutes. When is the last time you dried part of your hair for five minutes straight – much less your entire head? We urge you NOT to use a hair dryer to kill lice. These heat methods are fraught with risk and there are far safer ways to kill head lice.

DIY LICE REMOVAL: How To Use Hair Dryer For Lice


We can not emphasize enough not to try to use a hairdryer to kill lice on your own.  Likely, you have washed and dried your hair at least a few times before you discovered you had head lice. So you can see that normal everyday showering and use of hot air devices on your hair will have no noticeable effect on an active lice infestation. Despite our admonition, some people do try to use a lice hairdryer. They use a hairdryer for lice removal even though we tell them it may cause burns and it likely won’t be effective.

We do not recommend this lice treatment method for many reasons. Because the bugs (lice) are mobile, they will run from the heat being produced from the dryer. They will likely not end up dying during the course of this process, so you will be wasting time and exposing your family to potential burns or heat rash.


AirAllé lice removal is a service that is typically performed in a salon. The AirAllé treatment claims to get rid of lice by heating up, drying out, and killing the lice bugs and lice eggs (nits) in the hair. After the treatment is performed, an allotted time is included to comb through the hair with a nit comb to remove the eggshells and dead bugs to the extent that time will allow. If combing is not complete by the end of the allotted time, additional time can be purchased to continue combing the hair, which isn’t always convenient in cases of severe lice infestation. Users of the AirAllé lice machine do not recommend it for children under the age of 4, or for those with sensory issues, such as an inability to feel heat or pain.

LiceDoctors oil-based and manual extraction protocols are 100% safe for children and adults of any age. This treatment is also safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. In over 20 years, there have never been any allergic reactions or side effects.



LiceDoctors and AirAllé both report effectiveness rates of over 99%, the highest reported in the industry. LiceDoctors has 99.6% success rate, while AirAllé claims 99.2% (AirAllé effectiveness), which is reflected in the AirAllé reviews.

On her website, Let’s Be Pals, owner Julie discusses some issues with the AirAllé efficacy claims, citing results of two studies: (American Association of Pediatrics) and another study here (Journal of Medical Entomology). She writes, “The studies appear to use a lot of non-committed words “an appreciable number of eggs” or “nearly all”. And the study excluded subjects with a “high” probability rate of reinfestation from the follow-up analysis which sort of makes it sounds like the tests were manipulated to have the best possible outcome.” You can see her whole discussion at (Does the Lousebuster work? [former name of AirAlle]). Before committing to a particular lice treatment, we recommend reading up on AirAllé lice treatment reviews to get a better idea of which professional lice treatment will work best for your family.


If price is an issue for you, you will likely prefer the usual lice checks as AirAllé lice treatment cost is often higher. Per head, AirAllé pricing is usually $150 to $200, meaning that a family of four can cost $600-$800. (AirAllé pricing)

LiceDoctors charges $199 for the first hour and $129 for each subsequent hour for fewer than 40 miles. Treating a family of 4 usually takes about 2-3.5 hours (depending on the degree of infestation and length and thickness of the hair). A family of 4 averages $350 to $400 including travel. For LiceDoctors pricing details click here.

So, LiceDoctors standard charges for the same number of people as AirAllé are generally a lot lower. Additionally, if you want your children checked in the comfort of their home environment, you will prefer a mobile service to a salon.

As mentioned previously, the effectiveness of AirAllé is a respectable 99.2%. However, because of age and other limitations, some families are unable to seek treatment from salons utilizing the AirAllé device. All-natural usual lice checks or treatments, like the one used by a lice technician providing treatments for LiceDoctors, are safe for everyone, regardless of age or other factors that may exclude them from AirAllé treatment and have a slightly higher success rate.

Another limitation with AirAllé treatments is removing all of the visible bugs and nits from the hair. An allotted time is provided for combing, and if the client does not opt to pay for the additional comb out of nits killed by the device, the nits after airalle treatment may remain in the hair for some time until they fall off. While they are non-viable, this is problematic for clients with a future salon appointments. If a cosmetologist finds an egg in the hair, they cannot continue with the appointment. For children who attend schools with no-nit policies, this means they are excluded from school. Usual lice treatments remove all nits and bugs from the hair, so clients wanting complete lice removal would be better suited to traditional lice treatment. In addition, many Lice Clinics of America, users of this device, recommend that clients still have comb-through follow-up treatments.

Below we will discuss some more variety of criteria when choosing AirAllé and LiceDoctors.


lice heat treatment

Both LiceDoctors and Lice Treatment Centers' treatments come with a guarantee. The guarantees are quite similar.

LiceDoctors specifies a 30-day guarantee and stipulates that you will not be contagious upon treatment and that your case is considered fully eradicated after a simple at-home follow-up. In the highly unlikely event of a further infestation, a technician will return free of charge.‍

Lice Treatment Centers offer a guarantee that “the treated individual will no longer be contagious. You are guaranteed to be free of head lice when the LTC® aftercare protocol is followed properly, and all follow-up protocols are undertaken as recommended by the technician. Should you still have an active case of head lice after full completion of the aftercare, Lice Treatment Center® will treat you again free of charge if in the unlikely event it is necessary”.


As we have said, the location of lice services is a point of difference between these options: LiceDoctors delivers its lice removal service at home, while AirAllé is typically administered in Lice Treatment Center salons. LiceDoctors arrive at your home in a regular car with no signage assuring complete privacy. Salons require patrons to visit a location where there is always a risk of “being seen”. Hopefully, there is no stigma around head lice in your area (as there should NOT be), but for those folks who want absolute privacy, in-home treatment is likely a better option.


Of course, with today’s busy schedules, parents want the most convenient option out there, LiceDoctors offers the convenience and flexibility associated with at-home appointments. You call in and specify the time that you want a technician to be at your door. To ensure that all family members are lice-free and, therefore, not contaminating other family members, everyone should be treated. When child one has completed treatment he or she is free to return to normal daily activities. There is no need to wait around for a sibling or parent to be treated. LiceDoctors treatments at home can be incorporated into busy family lives with a minimum of disruption in the schedule. In addition, LiceDoctors offers service from early morning to late night, 7 days a week.

Treatments at a salon require families to transport themselves to a salon. In most cases, all family members wait at the salon until everyone in the family has been treated, which may be a hardship for some busy families. In addition, many salons are open weekdays only or 6 days a week until 6 pm.

Infectious Disease Specialist Is Skeptical About Heating Devices

In a recent article in the New York Times, Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, director of infectious disease at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, who works with the American Academy of Pediatrics, was quoted as saying, “There are many treatments out there that have no evidence to back them up. For example, there are clinics using heat on children’s hair, which may work under certain conditions, but there is no regulation of how it is being used “to quote-unquote inactivate the lice,” she said. “I am skeptical.” (NYTimes)


We have laid out some differences between LiceDoctors In-Home Lice Treatment Service and Lice Treatment Center AirAllé Heating Devices. If you want complete lice treatment, which includes removing everything that is visible from the hair and the highest success rate, that doesn’t leave you looking for the best lice medication, LiceDoctors lice treatment is a better option for your family. LiceDoctors is safe for all ages, and there are fewer risks associated with the treatment than with the AirAllé check. In addition, LiceDoctors offers the benefit of in-home treatment… the most private and convenient lice treatment option available.

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