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Is This a Mild or Severe Lice Infestation?

lice eggs or nits under magnifying glass on white paper towel.

Updated on December 16, 2019

While treating a family of three in Montgomery, Alabama, our technician, Linda, showed the daughter a paper towel with some of the nits and bugs she pulled out of her hair. The daughter, a teenager, asked if this is a severe infestation. The photo of lice and nits to the left reflects some of the ones that Linda found in the girl's hair. You can see from the picture that there are 5 bugs and some nits. Linda pulled out several more bugs and nits from this girl's hair and this is considered a moderate lice infestation.

When a case is mild, that means that it was discovered when there are 1 or 2 lice in the hair and there may be several nits that they laid. A louse lays 6-10 eggs per day for the 30 days that it lives. In this case, Linda found several mature bugs which tells us that this case has been brewing on the head for several weeks. A person does not usually "catch" several mature bugs from someone else. When you find a lot of mature lice, that indicates that the nits matured on the hair and hatched, which takes about 10 days after being deposited there. The baby lice (nymphs) then matured as you can see from the picture and are laying a second or perhaps third or fourth generation of nits.

Severe lice infestation - LiceDoctors

Severe lice infestation This is a moderate case. In some instances, we find a severe infestation, in which case the nits and bugs would be more crowded and plentiful in the paper towel. Sometimes, a person is lucky and the case is identified very early on when there are only 1 or 2 lice and very few nits on the head. No matter how extensive or minimal your case of head lice is, LiceDoctors will clear you up and get you back to your normal routine. Whether you have thousands of lice or 3 lice, give us a call in Montgomery, Alabama and vicinity at 334-557-1458 . Don't suffer one more day; we can help and that's a guarantee!