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LiceDoctors Dr. Beck Answers Lice Questions That A Lot of People Ask

Updated on December 3, 2018

Interviewer – How do lice spread from person to person?

Dr. Beck – Head to head contact is by far the most common way to transfer lice. Lice can be passed along through objects like caps, helmets, and hair brushes, but this happens infrequently. About 90+ percent of cases are passed directly from one person’s head to another person's head. Lice can only exist off the human head for about a day and they don't like to leave the head unless they have another head to go to.

Interviewer: What do I have to do to treat the house?

LD – At LiceDoctors we say, it’s the head not the house. Again, head lice will die when off the head for a day so you don't have to disinfect and scrub the home in order to kill the lice. You don't have to vacuum and bag toys and clothes. With head lice, the treatment that matters is the one on the head not the treatment of the home.

Interviewer: What can you do to prevent lice?

Dr. Beck – Children with long hair should wear it pulled up in a bun or braid and cover it with LiceDoctors Peppermint Lice Repellent Spray, hair spray, gel, or mousse. These products put a protective coating over the hair which makes it harder for the lice to stick onto the hair shaft. Unless you isolate your child from others, there is no way to absolutely prevent your child from getting lice; you can only make it more difficult for the lice to get up to the head.

Interviewer: What are symptoms of head lice?

Dr. Beck– While some people have very itchy scalps as a result of one louse, other people may have several lice and show no symptoms. Since head lice move swiftly across the scalp, they are harder to find than nits. Using bright light is helpful in trying to find lice and nits.

Interviewer: Does the whole family need to be checked?

Dr. Beck— The answer is yes as lice are very contagious. Having head lice is a family affair; if one child has it chances are greater than 80% that the mom has it and 70% that a sibling has it. Younger children are more likely to pass around cases to their parents due to the fact that they tend to be in closer contact physically.

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