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Everything you ever Wanted to Know About LiceDoctors but Were too Afraid to Ask

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Updated on July 17, 2020

by LiceDoctors Technician, Chelsea Lonergan

1. How does this even work?

We know it can sound like a foreign concept to many new clients. Basically what happens is you call us, grey white and blue rolling suitcase.our lovely dispatchers reach out to the technicians who are in your area, and we decide on a time. Once that’s been set up, the technician gets your name, address, and phone number. You may get a call from us if we need to get some help navigating. When we show up, we will have all the equipment we need to start setting up a station in your home and start the LiceDoctors protocol on your family members. Think of it as a traveling hairdresser who is an expert on lice.

3. “Ok, but who is this person who is coming to treat us?

Technicians are lice specialists with a lot of experience. We have been vetted by a thorough interview process and have gone through a background check. LiceDoctors has tons of independent contractors all over the county, who form a helpful network and often discuss tips and tricks with each other. LiceDoctors itself is committed to making sure both technicians and clients feel safe at all times—both sides are encouraged to call if anything seems off, although this has never happened to me! The treatment is also guaranteed, so as long as you follow the protocols, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your non-toxic and all-natural plan.

3. “How long should I expect this treatment to take?close image of a wrist watch with soft focus finger tapping at clock face.

It is always challenging to quote an exact time because it is highly dependent on the type of hair, length of hair, number of infected clients, and the severity of the case. The treatment plans generally have three main phases, and the most time-consuming one is the first phase. The technician will walk through your plan in more detail, but it generally takes at least an hour to treat one person (with long hair and an average infestation severity). The time really flies, and clients often report enjoying the time to kick back, watch TV, and let someone else do the work.

4. How does billing work? Im worried about having enough cash on me to pay the technician.

When you call in to set up an appointment and a time is set, you will provide your credit card information. The full amount is only charged after the treatment is completed and the time is recorded. The technicians don’t handle the billing directly. It is possible that you will be interested in purchasing products (like the professional grade comb or lice repellent hair products) through the technicians themselves. You can discuss this with your technician and find what’s most convenient.

Don’t waste time, money, and aggravation on treatments that are not effective. For same day treatment that WORKS, call LiceDoctors now at 631-306-4390 . Treatment is covered by HSAs and FSAs and by some insurance plans. Technicians will come to your home or wherever you designate in the Brookhaven area at your convenience.