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Knowledge is Power When Lice are Involved or Getting Rid of Lice Without Wasting Your Time

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Updated on July 19, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Chiari Legare​

There are many misconceptions about how to treat lice effectively. You want to know what you are doing so you don’t spin your wheels.

When someone asks what you do for work and you respond that you're a head lice technician, it's bound to raise a few eyebrows. shocked expression on woman with short red hair, hands covering mouthAt first blush, it sounds like a gross job nobody would want but it's my favorite job I've ever had. I love meeting the clients and teaching them about lice. Once clients are armed with more information, the lice issue seems less daunting and more manageable. If you know what you're doing, lice can be treated effectively and safely without any toxic chemicals.

As I calm the clients' fears, the fun begins because I am also getting to meet so many cool kids and interesting parents. It's more like being a hairdresser than an exterminator. It's rewarding to be able to allay fears; so many people are quite afraid due to all the misinformation regarding lice infestations. In addition, I have the answer to the lice problem and can help people get rid of the lice who have endured so many failed attempts due to using the wrong techniques and products.  

There are so many misconceptions about lice and how to respond when you or someone in your family is afflicted. Clients tell me all the time the things they've tried which range from the well-intentioned but ineffective (box kits from the pharmacy with pesticides and harsh chemicals) to the things you'd think would work but don't, like dying your hair.

pile of large black garbage bagsAt least half the time when I arrive at a client's home, the dryer is running and the sofa is torn apart. Cleaning your house is actually not necessary to eradicate lice. Lice need the heat and humidity of the human head plus the blood for food in order to live. They usually don't set off on an adventure and leave your head once you sit on your sofa or put a hat on because those items offer them no food and the temperature is not optimal. Most lice transmission occurs because they climb from one head directly to another. Properly treating the head is all that it takes to get rid of lice. Understanding lice is essential to successfully treating them and making sure you don't waste time and effort on tasks that aren't necessary.

One day I arrived too late to a home I won't soon forget. It was a familiar scene of a recently dismantled living room and many trash bags of linens and stuffed animals lining the hallway. The curtains had been stripped from all the and white cat with wet fur peeking around a wall The children were perched on wooden chairs draped with towels as they had been forbidden to sit on upholstered furniture. Their mother was a ball of a stress and explained that she had been cleaning since the night before when the outbreak was discovered. However, nobody looked as miserable as a particular member of the family. All of our heads turned toward the family's formerly fluffy cat who looked like a drowned rat as he walked miserably through the living room. My eyes widened and the mother explained that she had bathed him to rid him of lice. I made sure the cat was out of earshot before explaining that pets, including cats and dogs, do not carry human head lice!

Make your life easier and bring in an expert who knows what to do and what is a waste of time and energy. Call LiceDoctors at 720-292-1991 and a very knowledgeable technician will come to your home and make sure your family is lice-free without wasting time. Let LiceDoctors take the lice removal burden off of you.