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How To Get Rid of Lice in My House?

Updated on August 8, 2018


This is a question that we often hear. The reality is that you don't have to get rid of all the lice in the house; without blood from the head, lice will die within 24 hours. Head lice do not survive for very long on furniture, linens, clothing, or hair brushes. Contrary to what you may have read or heard, you do not need to bag all the clothes or toys in the house. In a frantic attempt to eradicate a head lice infestation parents often waste time and money washing, cleaning, vacuuming, and/or discarding only to find that this does not solve the head lice problem. And do NOT use a lice pesticide to spray the home; these products are ineffective and may be toxic. We want to answer the question, how do I get rid of lice?

Parents Waste Time Cleaning House

At LiceDoctors, we often get calls from frustrated and tired parents. It is not unusual for us to hear a parent say that she or he has disinfected the entire house in addition to trying a variety of head lice treatments, and yet the family continues to suffer from head lice. Given the short life of lice off of the head, it is not necessary to focus energy on expensive cleaning of the house. The target of any effective head lice treatment should be the head, not the house. You can clean day and night, but if there are still bugs and/or nits in the hair, the case has not ended.

Another Lice Removal Choice

At LiceDoctors, technicians eliminate all visible bugs and eggs (nits) from the hair and give you a follow-up head lice treatment plan to ensure that any live lice in the house will not be able to get into the hair and survive. Remember that after 24 hours off the head those lice will be dead. LiceDoctors technicians will come to you and leave you lice-free. Before you waste your time and energy scrubbing down your house, clothes, and toys, give us a call at LiceDoctors and let us explain how and why these treatments work. You haven't tried "everything" until you let a LiceDoctors technician come and eradicate your head lice problem. Learn more about our lice removal service.

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