Head Lice Prevention Tips

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A question that usually emerges is if it is possible to prevent head lice. As you may already know, there is not a 100% guarantee on preventing head lice, however there are some preventative steps that you can take, that may help.

  1. Know what head lice look like. This is something that is very important! closeup of lice and nits.You cannot diagnose and treat quickly, if you have no idea what it is that you are looking for. If you are not educated about head lice, I recommend that you educate yourself on it as soon as possible.
  2. Check heads often. I would suggest doing this at least once a week. Make sure to check all heads thoroughly, and make sure to check areas that head lice like most (the back of the neck and behind the ears).
  3. Wash personal items regularly. This is a mild preventative. Washing sheets, clothes, and other person items may help to keep pests away, although lice only live off the head for a day.. LiceDoctors Lice Repellent SprayAlso soaking hair ties, brushes and other accessories often is a good idea to prevent getting and spreading head lice.
  4. Use a lice protectant like LiceDoctors Peppermint Lice Repellent Spray. This will put a protective coating around the hair making it harder for the lice to attach to the strands. .
  5. Using the correct hair care products. To help deter lice, you can go and purchase products like hair spray or mousse to help make the hair artificially dirty which will discourage lice.
  6. Avoid sharing items. While lice are almost always shared through head to head contact, it helps to dissuade children from sharing some vector items.. Do not share items, such as:
    • Brushescolorful hair accessories clips bows bands.
    • Hats
    • Hair accessories
    • Towels
    • Scarfs and coats
    • Headphones/earbuds
  7. Separate personal items. Shared spaces, as well as shared items can lead to the spread of head lice. Lice can crawl from one item to another, if you share a space with someone who has lice. This is not that common but it can help to follow this suggestion.
  8. Avoid head to head contact. It is important to discuss with children, the importance of refraining from head to head contact with other children. Adults should also follow the same guidelines.
  9. Take early action. Whether you find lice inside your home, or there has been an outbreak at school, it is important to act quick. Check heads immediately and start your preventative steps.
  10. Be aware of head lice carriers. Make sure that you do not have head to head contact with someone whom you believe to have lice. While the last thing you want to do is isolate or stigmatize someone who has lice keep in mind that it is contagious and the person needs to be treated.
  11. Keep your long hair tied up Keeping your hair up is a good preventative. I always keep my daughter’s hair up in a ponytail, bun or braid while at school.  

If you do find lice in your family, LiceDoctors is here to help. A professional lice technician will attend to you and your family in your own home. You get privacy and professionalism at prices that are lower than salon prices. You can’t beat that! Call for treatment today at 800-224-2537 .