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Fifteen Surprising Things you may NOT Know, but Should Know About Lice….

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By Karen Keavey

In the era of the Internet, there is much to be learned. There is also a lot of misleading information on line. Here are some facts to help you understand lice.

  1. Lice can hold their breath for up to 8 hours, one of the many reasons they are hard to kill off.counting graphic of hand holding up 1 finger
  2. Lice have tiny hook like claws (6) that enable them to hold on tight to strands of hair, making them very difficult to get out of the head, thus the need for human hands to remove them.
  3. Lice eggs (nits) hold onto the hair with a globelike sheath which covers their entire body! This glue is hard to destroy without destroying the hair itself.
  4. Lice lay their eggs at the base of the hair shaft and are often confused with dandruff, debis, DEC plugs, or even hairspray!counting graphic of hand holding up 2 fingers
  5. A fully grown louse is about the size of a sesame seed!  They are only 2 – 3mm long!
  6. Head lice are very unathletic!  They are not affected by water and don’t let go of the hair when submerged and can’t jump, fly or swim!
  7. LICE eat by injecting saliva into the human head, which open ups blood vessels and then they are ready to feast, which they do every few hours.
  8. Lice feed only on human blood, which is why they live close to the scalp! counting graphic of hand holding up 3 fingers.Lice die in a day or two off the human scalp as they need human blood to survive.
  9. There are three kinds of lice, head, pubic, and body
  10. There is nothing you can do (apart from walking around with a bag on your head) to prevent head lice.
  11. Lice do NOT like light and prefer to stay hidden under layers of hair. If exposed to light they will crawl away quickly, which is why it is often difficult to see live lice on a head.
  12. The itching of lice is cause by their saliva, not their movement.counting graphic of hand holding up 4 fingers
  13. Nits (lice eggs) contain a pigment to match the hair color of the infested person. They camouflage with the hair, making it much more difficult to find them.
  14. Your pets cannot get lice! (YAY!)
  15. Mummies had lice!  LICE have been around for thousands of years!

The most important thing you need to know is that lice are NOT dangerous but are important to address...ASAP.

Lice may be a nuisance, but they do not cause disease and it is very normal for children to get lice today. If you find a case, it is best to let your child's friends know so that they can be treated and not pass the case back to your child. Should you uncover a case of lice in your family, LiceDoctors is available day or night to help you out. We have successfully treated lice in over 450,000 clients; your lice technician will come to your home and treat you with a chemical-free protocol that is guaranteed to be efficacious. Call LiceDoctors in the Westerville, Reynoldsburg area at 614-929-2385 . LiceDoctors take the burden of lice removal away from you.