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Dr. Stephen Beck—LiceDoctors On-Staff Physician, Answers Questions About Lice

Dr. Stephen Beck—LiceDoctors On-Staff Physician, Answers Questions About Lice
Updated on 
May 11, 2018

We know that finding head lice can be daunting and you may not know where to turn with questions. The Internet is filled with mis-information and outdated advice. For example, scientists have shown that there are “super lice” in nearly every state in the U.S.  Yet if you go online, there are still some groups that advocate usage of over-the-counter lice medication (Rid Lice Killing Shampoo and Nix Lice Treatment Kit, among others) or prescription lice treatment (Sklice, Ulesfia, Ovide, among others) which generally do not kill these evolved, resistant super lice. So can head lice become immune to treatments? The answer is they can and they have.

Below are some commonly asked lice questions with answers from Dr. Beck.

huntington beach how lice transmit direct contact head infected infested person

1. What is the most common way to get head lice?

Answer: Head lice are transmitted from one head to another. Lice crawl from person to person; they do not fly. If your head is near someone who has head lice, you are at significant risk for picking up the case. The lice climb up your hair to the scalp where they will stay and lay eggs over the course of four weeks. A lot of people fear sharing hats and brushes, yet those account for a very small percentage of lice transmission.

2. Can lice die without treatment?

huntington beach lice infestation needs professional treatment louse nit bug egg

Answer: The answer is no. Each louse lays up to 10 eggs a day and will do so for 30 days. The case will only continue to escalate. In the above photo, you can see what a case of head lice can look like when it goes untreated. A LiceDoctors technician combed hundreds of nits (lice eggs) out of the hair in this case that has gone untreated for what appears to be months. If you use an effective strategy, lice do die right away after treatment.

3. Why are lice so common?

huntington beach lice so very common child family boy girl

Answer: Lice are extremely hearty and have been around for millions of years. They are very adaptable and have mutated so that they are resistant to chemical treatments. To get rid of lice you have to physically remove them from the hair and that is challenging for people without experience. A problem with people using chemical treatments, besides potential side effects, is that these products can give parents a false sense of confidence that they have won their battle against lice. They then send their children back into public, despite the fact that these kids may still be harboring lice. One case of head lice quickly turns into five or ten cases, if the child is in close contact with others. Those five or ten cases can become 50 or 100 cases and this is why lice are so common.

4. Do I need to clean my house to get rid of lice in the home?

huntington beach lice laundry house unnecessary clean vacuum towel pillow

Answer: After your family endures a lice infestation, you may feel the need to clean house. We understand that and if cleaning the home is comforting, then go for it. You should know, though, that cleaning the house is not going to have a bearing on whether you eradicate head lice. Why is that? The reason for that is that lice do not lurk in the home. Unlike bed bugs, lice must be on a human, specifically a human head, in order to live. You absolutely do not have to do a cleaning of furniture, bedding, or clothing to get rid of lice. To eliminate head lice, you must eradicate the lice and their eggs on the head.​

5. Who can get lice?

huntington beach get lice family adult child mom dad grandparent

Answer: Adults are often surprised when they find out that they have lice. Adults can get lice and usually it is their kids who transmit the lice to them. If you ever wondered how contagious are lice? The answer it that they are very contagious and any person with even a small amount of hair can be infested. If you are an adult, like your child, you want to use a safe and successful lice treatment which means you should avoid chemical lice remedies. This is especially true for lice treatment for pregnant moms, the elderly, people with allergies, and young children.


If you have a head lice headache, take a couple of deep breaths and call LiceDoctors… the best lice remedy!  We’ll send a professional head lice technician to your Huntington Beach area home in a discreet, unmarked vehicle to quickly and effectively eliminate the lice and relieve you of the stress and suffering that can come with a case of head lice. 

LiceDoctors has the best super lice treatment. The process is all natural and non-toxic and because it does not have chemicals, there is no resistance to it from lice. Your technician will apply oil and comb out nits and lice with a systematic combing technique. She is an expert at identifying nits and will nitpick any and all that remain in the hair. This is a scientific and comprehensive approach to lice removal that works with the life cycle of the lice.  Remember as Dr. Beck says, “It’s the head not the house”. 

Your technician takes stress away from you as soon as she arrives at your house. No need to be seen going to a lice salon, when you can have the privacy of professional treatment at home. That is why over 500,000 clients have chosen LiceDoctors. For lice removal in your home, call for help day or night at 714-3965-5181 and you will be looking at head lice in the rear view mirror! That’s a guarantee.

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