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Do I Need to Wet The Hair When Treating Head Lice?

Updated on April 10, 2017

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Combing through wet hair is more effective in getting out the lice and nits than combing dry hair. The answer is yes. It is better to wet the hair when combing through to pull out nits. We recommend wetting the hair with oil which will make the comb slide through the hair more easily. Oil will also immobilize the bugs so that they do not run from the comb. It will help give the comb traction in terms of getting the nits to adhere better to the comb. In addition, oil soaks into the breathing apparatus of the lice and suffocates them. A win-win. As an added bonus, high school girls love the way the oil conditions the hair and renders it shinier! Combing nits out of hair when it is dry is ineffective and may be painful. If you take a nit comb and attempt to comb through the hair while it is dry, it will pull on the hair and not be particularly effective. The nits will stay glued to the hair and you will likely not catch the elusive bugs. In addition, it will hurt! You need to take your time, wet the hair with oil, and make sure that you pull all of the bugs and nits from the hair. If you live in Indiana and find nits or lice in your hair, call LiceDoctors at 317-759-2699 in the Indianapolis area and 219-392-4252 in Northwest Indiana . A  LiceDoctors lice professional will get those bugs and eggs out of your hair safely and painlessly. We offer 7 days a week service, day and night. We will be at your home whenever you need us to provide you with a safe and fully effective lice treatment. [button link="/make-head-lice-treatment-appointment.html" color="steel_blue" target="_self" size="default" icon_before="bug"]Make An Appointment Today!

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