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Can These Lice Crawl Around My House?

Updated on April 9, 2017

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Imagine this scenario, your LiceDoctors technician is at your Georgia home and she is working diligently at pulling out the lice and eggs (nits) that she finds in your child's hair. As she combs through the hair, she swipes the comb on a paper towel. You look down at the paper towel and you see more bugs and eggs then you had wanted to see…ever. The next thought that enters your mind is: Are there lice still crawling around in my home as well? Are there lice in the sheets? On the clothes? Your technician not only eradicates the lice on the head, she educates and reassures. You will learn what to do to help prevent lice, how to identify lice and nits, and what to do and NOT do to make sure that they do not return. One thing you do NOT have to worry about is a louse in the house. That's right. If you look at the picture above, you will see that the there are several bugs (the largest ones) as well as some nits (small oval shaped with antennae protruding from one end). Let's take the nits first. If a nit falls off the hair can it it somehow attach to the hair? The answer is definitely not. The only way a nit can be in the hair is if it is laid by a louse in the hair. Can a nit hatch in the house and the baby climb into your hair? Again, no. If a nit somehow falls off the hair (a very unlikely event since it is glued to the hair), it will die quickly. Nits need the temperature of the human head to survive. In the majority of lice cases, lice move directly from head to head. Lice do not last long off the head. Now how about those nasty lice bugs? You do not want to pull down the sheets and find a bug moving around. Here is the good news: lice cannot survive off of the head for more than a day and they do not like to depart from their home on the human head and move to your home to hang out on an inanimate object such as sheets because there is no food for them there. In about 95% of cases, lice transfer by moving directly into someone else's hair, not onto an object. When confronting head lice, you need to be concerned about lice in the head. If there happens to be lice in the house for a day after treatment, the follow-up plan that we leave you will take care of that. If you see a louse or nit, give LiceDoctors a call in the Atlanta area at 404-618-0472. A lice professional will arrive at your home in an unmarked car and eradicate the lice. That is our guarantee!

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