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North Carolina Lice Removal Service

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Call LiceDoctors today to schedule an appointment with a lice removal technician. We specialize in helping families to fight against nits and lice with a 30-day guarantee. We have highly qualified specialists in our team who know exactly how to treat lice effectively in the state of North Carolina. All you need to remove head lice and nits is just to make one phone call. You can also leave a request on our website.

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  • Your expert lice technician will apply oil and methodically comb lice and eggs from the hair using professional grade comb.
  • She will then handpick any remaining nits (eggs) from the hair doing a thorough strand by strand check.
  • She will finish up with a final oil application and comb-through.   Expertise is the key; if you leave two nits in the hair, untreated, the case will start again.
  • She will go over basic after care instructions with you.
  • Your treatment is fully effective and safe for all ages and is backed with a 30 day guarantee

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