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Post Lice Hair Treatment: Can I Shampoo After Lice Treatment and Other Answers to Popular Questions

Post Lice Hair Treatment: Can I Shampoo After Lice Treatment and Other Answers to Popular Questions
Updated on 
April 11, 2017

Often, when a family deals with their first lice infestation, there are many common questions that come up. After getting rid of lice, families want to be careful to ensure that they do not do anything that would cause a reinfestation, so they ask many questions regarding after lice treatment.

Answers to Popular Questions After Lice Treatment

How Long After Lice Treatment Can You Wash Your Hair?

When can I wash my hair after lice treatment? After lice treatment can you wash your hair? Our technicians report often fielding these questions. With our protocol, yes, you can wash your hair. After other chemical treatments “can I wash hair after lice treatment?” isn’t so straightforward. We recommend in these cases, following the instructions on the box.

Can I Use Regular Shampoo After Lice Treatment?

With our protocol, we recommend using a mixture of dish soap (like Dawn) and regular shampoo to wash your hair after lice treatment. In addition, using a shampoo with lice repellent in it, like LiceDoctors Peppermint Lice Shampoo, can help ward off future infestations.

How Long After Lice Treatment Can You Use Conditioner?

With the protocol used by our technicians, using conditioner after you wash your hair is fine. However, after other lice treatments, such as chemical treatments, the question “Why can’t you use conditioner after lice treatment” is best left to be answered by the company providing that product.

How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair After Lice Treatment?

With lice treatments containing oils, clients are often concerned with the appearance of greasy hair after lice treatment. Oils can be difficult to remove with regular shampoo, so using dish soap or a clarifying shampoo will take care of that.

Can You Go Swimming After Lice Treatment?

With the all-natural lice removal process provided by a LiceDoctors technician, swimming after head lice treatment is perfectly fine! Many of our clients choose us because of the limited amount of interruption to daily routines and activities. Of course, wash any oils out before you go!

Can I Dye My Hair After Lice Treatment?

Yes. After treatment with a LiceDoctors technician, just ensure all of the treatment product is out of the hair before doing so. If you are concerned, we recommend asking your cosmetologist can I color my hair after lice treatment?

Bleaching Hair After Lice Treatment - Is It Possible?

Yes, you can bleach your hair after lice treatment from a LiceDoctors professional. As mentioned, be sure that all of the treatment product is removed, and consult your cosmetologist to see if they have any additional requirements before your appointment.

Can I Get a Haircut After Lice Treatment?

Yes, as long as whatever treatment option you choose targets all of the bugs and nits in the hair. If your hairstylist finds any remaining eggs she will turn you away, as she is not allowed by law to treat lice-infested hair.

Can I Blow Dry My Hair After Lice Treatment?

Blow drying hair after lice treatment is actually part of the lice removal process with LiceDoctors, so yes, it is safe to blow dry your hair after lice treatment.

Can I Use Flat Iron After Lice Treatment?

Yes, you can. Be sure that all of the lice treatment product is washed out of the hair in line with any instructions that were provided to avoid damage to the hair, then you can use a flat iron after lice treatment.

Other Tips on How to Prevent Lice After Treatment

How to Prevent Lice After Treatment

We receive many questions regarding lice prevention after treatment, like “Can you use coconut oil after lice treatment?” Or “Should I cut my hair after lice treatment?” Here are a few of our recommendations:

  • Continue with whatever follow-up is recommended by your technician, doctor, or instructions on the treatment you are completing. Skipping this important step can result in an infestation starting all over again.
  • Keep the hair tied up in a bun or braid, if long enough, to minimize contact area for rogue lice bugs.
  • Apply a repellent product like LiceDoctors Mint Repellent Spray to repel lice.
  • Keep the hair artificially dirty with mousse, hair spray, or gel to make it more difficult for lice to get a grip on hair strands.


We will get rid of this case and leave you with tips on how to prevent lice after treatment. LiceDoctors lice removal will not prevent you from completing your daily hair care routine or any other activities, as you have read above. If you have any other questions, call us at 800-224-2537 to speak with a dispatcher who can schedule your appointment with a local lice professional today!

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