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Top 5 Hairstyles to Prevent Lice

Top 5 Hairstyles to Prevent Lice
Updated on 
December 4, 2020

Top Hairstyles to Prevent Lice

Families that have been affected by a case of head lice have many concerns – not to be overlooked is the need to ensure steps are taken to prevent future head lice infestations. Since head lice are transmitted by direct head to head contact, there are practical hairstyles to prevent head lice that can be used. When selecting a hairstyle for lice prevention, keep in mind that the best styles are those that keep the hair consolidated and close to the head – minimizing the contact area and the opportunity for a rogue louse from someone else’s head to make it onto your head. Before you get head lice, or if you never want to experience head lice again, review our top five hairstyles that prevent lice.

Basic Pony Tail

Pony Tail to Prevent Lice

This is the easiest of all hairstyles. Gather all of the hair together on the back or top of the head. To make the ponytail look less sloppy, take the time to smooth out any lumps or bumps with your hairbrush, then secure it with a pony tail holder. To make this one of the best hairstyles for lice prevention, you can braid the loose hair.

Basic Bun

Basic Bun to Prevent Lice

A basic bun is the best hairstyle to avoid lice. It is also the easiest for those of us who lack the coordination to create more extravagant hairstyles. Simply secure all of the hair on the top of the head, twist the hair into a “bun” shape and secure it. This hairstyle keeps all of the hair contained in one area on the head while providing the least amount of contact area head lice need to transport from head to head. This is why it is one of the best hairstyles to prevent lice.

French Braid

French Braid to Prevent Lice

Another one of the best hairstyles to keep head lice away is a French braid. Many girls like this style as it is simple, but can be dressy as well. To complete this look, take three pieces of hair from the top of the head. With the far right piece of hair, cross it over the middle section of hair and combine it with the section of hair on the left. Now you have two sections of hair. To the left of the combined section of hair, get another section of hair to make three total sections again. Take that section and combine it with the far right section of hair, then get another section of hair on the right side. Continue this process until you have integrated all of the hair into this braid and have only the three sections remaining.

Pig Tails

Pig Tails to Prevent Lice

Styling your hair in pig tails is another one of the common hairstyles to keep lice away. This is a nice style for those who maybe have shorter hair, younger individuals, or individuals looking for a unique, sassy style. Simply section the hair dividing the hair so as to create two equal sections of hair on either side of the head and secure them with a ponytail holder. For a more stylish look, you can braid the pig tails.

French Braided Pig Tails

French Braided Pig Tails to Prevent Lice

Combining the French braid and the pig tails will provide another one of the most effective hairstyles to avoid lice. Start by sectioning the hair on either side of the head as you did with the pig tails. Instead of securing the hair as you did with a ponytail fashion, create two smaller French braids out of each of the sections on either side of the head.


No matter what hairstyle you choose, be sure to add something to keep the hair artificially dirty, like our mint lice repellent spray for an added layer of protection. If your efforts fail, call LiceDoctors at 800-224-2537 or book an appointment online for in-home head lice treatment that works for your entire family!

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