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Summer Camp and Head Lice…. What To Do When You Get That Phone Call

Updated on April 13, 2017

Getting Lice At Camp

The camp director called our client in Montgomery County to say that her daughter, was at overnight camp, had been found to have head lice on opening day. His plan: treat her with a chemical lice treatment and keep her semi-quarantined until the child was nit-free. The mom was savvy enough about lice to know that this plan was a bad one. Her family had used LiceDoctors 2 years before after trying and failing to eradicate head lice with chemical lice shampoos. She wanted to know what we suggested that she do. This is a case where you have to be an advocate for your child. First, you don’t want your child to have potentially toxic chemicals applied to her head. Second, very often those pesticides do not work to kill the lice as these bugs have mutated and are resistant to chemicals. Third, unless someone sits with the child and picks out the nits (eggs), the child is going to remain with an active case. This scenario could potentially ruin a child’s (and parent’s) summer. We suggested the following:

  1. Tell the director that she did not want the chemicals put on her daughter’s head.
  2. Refer the director to LiceDoctors Education Center page which has lots of information about head lice and treatments.
  3. We offered to speak to the director and explain to him why the chemical treatments were not advisable and what the camp nurse should do to help the child.
  4. Chances are LiceDoctors or another professional service has a presence reasonably near the camp and can come and treat the child if the nurse needs a hand.

Children often count the days til their beloved summer camp season starts. The last thing you want is for your child to spend the summer in the infirmary with head lice that won’t go away. In the aforementioned case, the director called us and we walked the nurse through what she had to do to get rid of head lice. The treatment was successful and everyone was happy. Summer lice at camp? Give LiceDoctors a call and we can help you out! [button link="/make-head-lice-treatment-appointment.html" color="slate_grey" target="_self" size="large"]Make an Appointment Now!