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Group Head Lice Screening Services for Summer Camps

The last thing you need at camp is a lice outbreak! LiceDoctors is ready and equipped to do lice check on every camper to catch cases before they spread. Accurate screening and treatment of lice and nits can make a difference in the experience that camps provide over the summer.

About Camps Head Lice Policy

About Camps Head Lice Policy

Head lice policies vary among camps. Today most camps allow campers to remain at camp as long as all active cases have been identified and treated. LiceDoctors has worked with camps across the country to ensure that campers are clear on day one. We do this with maximum discretion to preserve the dignity of each camper.

We generally return after parents’ visiting day to ensure that no new cases of lice have been brought in. In addition, our expert lice technicians are also available for emergency calls. If a case of head lice is introduced to camp during the summer, it will spread quickly throughout a bunk. We are on call to screen and treat group outbreaks.

Our Head Lice Check Process

Call In The Lice Experts

Your lice technicians will come to camp at the beginning of each section, ready to check the campers, counselors, and any other staff you want. We bring our own supplies and know-how to identify any active cases. LiceDoctors has been screening campers each summer for years as camp directors recognize the value of preventing widespread outbreaks.

Call In The Lice Experts
You Want an Examination You Can Trust
You Want an Examination You Can Trust

The techs will inspect each head. They will section the hair in an efficient manner so that they can see the bugs and eggs; it takes the experience that LiceDoctors technicians have to find lice and nits (eggs), which camouflage in the hair. We are out in the field every day, so we will make sure that every active case is identified and will show you the nits as proof.

Lice Treatments that are Safe and Effective

When a case is identified, camps usually want us to treat the camper or counselor. One of the technicians will discreetly administer a safe, thorough, and effective step-by-step lice treatment. Once the child has been treated, he or she can return to activities. That’s a much better option than sending a child home from camp!

Lice Treatments that are Safe and Effective

Why Choose Us As Lice Check And Nits Removal Service For Summer Camps

No other lice treatment service has the level of experience that LiceDoctors has. We have been lice experts for over two decades! We select our top-performing technicians for camp checks and treatments
Our screenings are so accurate that we have never been called to say that we missed a case. If a case is identified, the technician will administer a treatment that is chemical-free and effective. We have over 500,000 relieved clients who can attest to that!
LiceDoctors has a turnkey operation. You contact us, and you can be sure that your technicians will arrive at your camp at the designated time and handle everything from screening through treatment. You are busy running a camp; let us handle the lice!

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Benefits of LiceDoctors in-home head lice treatment service:

  • Experienced-successfully treated over 500,000 clients
  • Safe, guaranteed, and effective
  • Convenient and private in-home service
  • Lowest prices in the area
  • LiceDoctors has a 99.6% success rate
  • medical professionals on staff
  • Treatment available 365 days a year
  • HSA and FSA accepted
  • All-natural lice removal service