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Raleigh School Lice Policy

Raleigh School Lice Policy
Updated on 
March 27, 2017

School Lice Policies Raleigh and Durham. Each school district in North Carolina is responsible for its own head lice policy. As you can see below, every district has its own take on the head lice problem that confronts schools today and each district has a unique policy.

Raleigh Public School District

In the Raleigh schools, the head lice policy is relatively lenient. In accordance with advice from American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses, children are allowed to remain in school with nits. Below is the policy of the Raleigh district: “Policy and research from the Harvard School of Epidemiology, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses all state there is no value to excluding children from school for nits only. Children will only be sent home if live lice are seen.


  • Please check your child's scalp often for nits and live lice
  • Instruct family members not to share combs, brushes, hats and other personal items
  • Children may come back to school after being treated for lice. Only nits that are within 1/4" from the scalp must be removed
  • Additional Information
  • Head lice information for parents
  • Pollack, Richard J., Head Lice: Information and Frequently Asked Questions
  • American Academy of Pediatrics, Head Lice: Clinical Report, PEDIATRICS Vol. 110 No. 3 September 2002, pp. 638-643, NOTE: A Statement of Reaffirmation of this policy was published May 1, 2009, Retrieved from the WWW June 30, 2010
  • National Association of School Nurses, Position Statement, Pediculosis in the School Community, (2004). Retrieved from the WWW June 30, 2010

Related information: wcpss.net

Durham Public Schools

When a case of head lice is found in an elementary school, the following procedures will apply:

  • “All children in the classroom in which the case is confirmed will be checked for head lice and parents/guardians notified. The principal will notify all staff in the school that head lice has been reported.
  • A child will be sent home if live lice are seen, and/or if eggs (nits) are seen within ¼” from the scalp. It is preferable to have the parent/guardian pick up the child at school so information on procedures for treatment can be discussed. If that is not possible, a written notice will be sent home with the child outlining recommended treatment and strategies for prevention. Children with eggs (nits) only will not be excluded from school (unless eggs are seen within ¼” from the scalp).
  • The child may return to school only after the school principal or designee has been satisfied that the head lice has been adequately treated and all eggs (nits) within ¼” from the scalp have been removed. If the principal determines that live lice and/or eggs within ¼” from the scalp are still present, the child will be refused admittance to school.
  • If a child is absent repeatedly due to head lice or there is evidence that a child has been neglected with respect to treatment of head lice, the school principal shall refer the case to the Department of Social Services.
  • Principals shall ensure procedures are in place to eliminate sources of lice contagions in classrooms. The middle and high school principals will use essentially the same procedure outlines above; however, some modifications may be necessary due to the age of the student and his/her daily school schedule.

Related information: www.dpsnc.net

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