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Little Rock School Lice Policy

Little Rock School Lice Policy
Updated on 
March 27, 2017


Little Rock School District

Little Rock schools have dropped their "no nit" policies, but do not allow students to remain in school with live bugs. The policy is as follows: "If you see lice in the scalp or if there are nits, use the following directions: If the student has crawling lice, he/she should not be in the classroom and should be sent home until treatment is initiated. The school nurse or other staff should assess student upon return to school. If the student just has nits, he/she may remain in class until the end of the day. The parents should be contacted. All early childhood students are required by DHS to be nit free to attend school. If a student has been adequately treated for head lice and continues to have nits, he/she should not be excluded from school. Only symptomatic students are required to be inspected by the teacher or other school personnel to determine if they also have head lice."

North Little Rock School District

North Little Rock schools maintain a "no nit" policy and send kids home if nits are found in the hair. "When a student is identified with head lice, the parents shall be contacted immediately by telephone, informed that a copy of the treatment requirements is being sent home at the end of the day in a sealed envelope, and advised that additional assistance or directions can be accessed from the local health authority. Additional copies of the treatment requirements may be provided for the parent to share with parents of relatives or friends with whom the student has contact. We encourage parents to keep pupils at home when they show signs and symptoms of illness. In order to prevent the transmission of pediculosis (head lice) to uncontaminated individuals, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. The school nurse or other officials will notify the parent of the pediculosis and immediately send the child home. Treatment with a medically approved treatment shampoo will need to be carried out.
  2. During the period of infestation, the pupil will not be allowed to attend school. The pupil must be checked by the nurse and be nit free before allowed to return to school.
  3. If the condition persists, a meeting with the parents and appropriate school officials will be held to determine a satisfactory course of action."

More information: www.nlrsd.org

Benton School District

Benton schools do not have a "no nit" policy but will not permit students with live lice to remain or return to school. “HEAD LICE PROCEDURES Attention to cleanliness and personal hygiene will eliminate or greatly reduce head lice in our schools. If your child does contract head lice, the following procedures MUST be taken:

  1. The child will be removed from the classroom if the student has live human host parasites.
  2. The parents will be contacted to check the child out of school at the nurse’s discretion.
  3. The child must be treated with HEAD LICE SHAMPOO, all nits live human host parasites must be removed and the home thoroughly cleaned to remove head lice (An instruction sheet will be sent home).
  4. Parent MUST accompany the child when he/she returns to school.
  5. School nurse and/or designated person will examine the child and re-admit him/her to class only when the student no longer has live human host parasites (head lice) that are transmittable in a school environment.

Repeated occurrences of head lice will result in a report to the Department of Human Services for suspected neglect and a referral to Truancy Court if excessive absences occur. Notes will be sent home with the students in a classroom where head lice have been detected by the school nurse.” More information: bentonschools.org

Bryant Public Schools

This district retains a "no nit" policy. To return to school students must be "nit-free" and show proof that they were treated for head lice. “Students found with head lice are to be excluded from school until proof of treatment is provided and all traces of lice and eggs (nits) are removed from the hair. The student is not to be re-admitted to school until the school nurse or designee has agreed. One (1) day excused absence will be allowed for treatment of head lice. A parent must accompany the student to school to be readmitted." More information: bryant.flex360.com

Cabot School District

As with the aforementioned district, Cabot schools have a "no nit" policy in place. “COMMUNICABLE DISEASES AND PARASITES (4.43) Students with communicable diseases or with parasites shall demonstrate respect for other students by not attending school while they are contagious. In some instances, a letter from a health care provider may be required prior to the student being readmitted to the school. Because of the highly contagious nature of head lice, the following steps will be followed upon discovery of head lice or nits (eggs):

  1. The parent or guardian will be asked to pick their child up from school.
  2. The child’s hair must be shampooed with an approved treatment before returning to school. Proof of purchase must be returned with the child.
  3. Fourteen (14) days after the initial discovery, the child will be checked again and sent home if not free of all signs of lice and/or nits.
  4. The child must be accompanied to the school office by the parent and checked by the school nurse or school personnel, and be found clear of lice/nits before returning to class.

Each school may conduct screenings of students for head lice as needed. The screenings shall be conducted in a manner that respects the confidentiality of each student.”

Bauxite School District

Bauxite schools also have a "no nit" policy in place. "If a student is infected with head lice, he/she will be excluded from school until proof of treatment is provided and all traces of lice and eggs (nits) are removed from the hair. The student is not to be re-admitted until the school nurse or designee approves. One (1) day excused absence will be allowed for treatment of head lice. Each school may conduct screenings of students for head lice as needed." Please note that many schools are revising their school lice policies and dropping "no nit" policies. To keep up with the latest policy in your school district, call your school nurse. If you need help with lice removal please call LiceDoctors day or night in the Little Rock area at 501-404-5511 .

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