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Live Free or Die

Updated on April 15, 2017

Live Free or Die

When New Hampshire adopted in 1945 as its state slogan "Live free or die", we are quite certain that the message was not directed to head lice. In fact, after 20 years in the lice treatment field, we have yet to meet a single person who actually likes head lice. The problem is that because of the rise in the incidence of super lice and their growing immunity to lice pesticides, increasing numbers of lice are living free on human heads and not dying. 

Carol K., a mom in Rye, New Hampshire, phoned LiceDoctors after using OTC and prescription lice shampoos to report that she had just seen two live bugs on her daughter. She was distraught and felt that we were her last hope. Leslie arrived at her house 2 hours after Carol called and  came equipped with a lice protocol and tools of the trade. LiceDoctors technicians know how to eradicate lice and answer any questions that you have. Carol had a lot of questions which is common. Like many other clients she had read misinformation on the Internet. The Internet instructs people to bag toys and clothes for two weeks. This is a waste of time as head lice can only survive off the head for one day. Schools may suggest that students use lice chemicals that a) do not work and b) may have unhealthy side effects. People worry that their pets can catch lice or that lice jump from head to head: neither is true. Without accurate information, it becomes more difficult to vanquish head lice. Your technician will remove the head lice and nits and educate you as she goes along. With accurate information, you will feel less vulnerable and be in a better position to prevent another case of head lice. Call LiceDoctors in the Concord area at 800-224-2537 and we will come to your home at your convenience. We assure you that we will put an end to your active case so that you can live free of head lice!

LiceDoctors technicians undergo intensive training so that they know how to eradicate lice and answer any questions that you have.