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You may have heard about super lice; these are the lice found in virtually every state in the United States and they are immune to chemicals. The reason that these bugs are immune is that they have had so much exposure to these chemicals that they have developed a high resistance. You may be wondering what am I supposed to do if my child gets head lice? You know that the over-the-counter lice products likely won’t work and your doctor will either prescribe stronger chemicals that often are ineffective or will send you to an expert.

And this is where we come in. LiceDoctors, having treated hundreds of thousands of clients successfully, has an arsenal of tools, all of which are chemical-free and are components of getting rid of head lice and keeping them away.

LiceDoctors Lice Repellent Spray

Closeup of LiceDoctors Repellent Spray bottle.

The leader of the gang of lice treatment products is the LiceDoctors Lice Repellent Spray. Until we found this great product, we recommended to clients that to prevent head lice, they regularly spray their hair with hairspray or add mousse or gel to the hair. The reasoning behind this is that when there is a coating over the hair, it is harder for the lice to use their claws to grab onto the hair. Lice prefer clean hair because it s more accessible for them to grab on to.

Although companies approached us to sell their products, we never found a product that met our quality standards until we found what has become LiceDoctors Peppermint Repellent Spray. This product has the same properties as the aforementioned products that coat the hair but it has the additional benefit of having a peppermint scent which is used to naturally ward off head lice. While nothing guarantees that your child will be protected from lice, this is the best product out there.

LiceDoctors Terminator Lice Comb

Closeup of LiceDoctors comb
LiceDoctors Lice Comb is the ultimate lice and nit fighter. It is made of stainless steel and will not break or rust when used as directed. Laser technology welding makes the comb highly sturdy and long-lasting. Its micro-grooved teeth are gentle on the scalp to help remove the nits. The tines of the comb are close enough together to ensure that the comb will grab most nits. Then you must manually extract the ones left behind and that is where expertise makes a big difference.

LiceDoctors Shampoo and Conditioner

Closeup of Licedoctors Shampoo and Conditioner
LiceDoctors Sulfate Free Shampoo is a peppermint clarifying shampoo that leaves the hair soft, shiny, and luxurious. Excellent for oily hair. Natural ingredients are combined with a unique formulation process that allows this product to be compounded without harmful chemical emulsifiers.  

LiceDoctors Sulfate Free Conditioner is a natural spearmint conditioner that leaves hair healthy and manageable. When applied immediately following shampoo, it leaves the hair soft and easy to comb out.  We recommend that you use these two products to wash out oil used to treat head lice and to ensure that the hair is tangle free to facilitate dry checks when looking for nits (lice eggs). An added bonus is the peppermint scent which helps to repel lice.

LiceDoctors Technicians Wield Their Magic and Make the Lice Disappear

You can order LiceDoctors Lice Products on line on the store tab on our homepage ( and attempt to self treat or you can retain our services and a lice technician will come to your home equipped with the lice products and her know-how.

Either way, we offer this array of products to help you become and stay lice-free!