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How Long Does It Take For Lice Eggs To Hatch?

Updated on July 19, 2020

Suzanne M, a mom from San Bernardino called us last month and with a worried tone in her voice asked how long she can expect it to take until the lice eggs (nits) hatch that she found in her son's hair? Suzanne explained that she felt that was in a race against the clock and wanted to get those nits out of the hair before they hatch. She wasn't sure if she needed professional lice removal help. The answer to this question is not as straight-forward as you would think. It generally takes about a week to 10 or 12 days for nits to develop and hatch. That part is a fact. The fuzzy part, that makes it difficult to know how long you have until the nits you find hatch, is how long have those nits been in the hair. When you see the nits is not right after they were laid. In fact, the first couple of days after a nit is laid, it is microscopic. By the time a person sees nits in someone's hair, those nits have been there for at least several days. Besides the size of nits being a factor in finding nits in the hair, these eggs camouflage, making it that much less likely that you will find nits right after they are laid.

The good news is that LiceDoctors technicians use all-natural treatments that works no matter how many nits are in the hair even if those nits hatch and become baby bugs (nymphs) or even stay in long enough to become adult lice. After hearing what we had to say about the life cycle of lice nits, Suzanne decided to try to treat her son on her own. Two days later, she called back saying that the chemicals she applied were not effective in getting rid of the nits and she asked us to come and treat her and her son. This is the comment that she sent to us this morning, "I just want to check in to tell you that when I saw that the nits were hatching, I realized I needed help in the battle of me against lice. I feel better educated about lice now and mostly I know enough now to know that getting rid of nits and lice is best left up to the professionals. LiceDoctors did an awesome job and both Dan and I are finally nit-free!".

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