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Santa Ana School Lice Policy

Santa Ana School Lice Policy
Updated on 
May 1, 2018

The district does not have a “no nit” policy which means if a child is found to have nits (eggs) in the hair, he or she may remain in school. The child’s parents will be notified so the child can be treated. The policy is as follows:

“The Governing Board recognizes that the correct diagnosis and treatment of head lice will minimize disruption to the educational process and reduce student absences; no disease is associated with head lice, and in-school transmission is considered to be rare.  School employees shall report all suspected cases of head lice to the school nurse or designee as soon as possible. The school nurse or designee shall examine the student and other children who were most likely to have had direct head-to-head contact with the affected child.

If a student is found with active, adult head lice, he/she shall be allowed to stay in school until the end of the day.  The parent/guardian of any such student shall be given information about the recommended treatment of head lice and encouraged to begin treatment of the student immediately and check all members of the family.  The parent/guardian shall be informed that the student shall be checked upon return to school the next day.  If it is determined that the student remains infected with head lice, the school nurse or designee shall consult with the student’s parent/guardian to discuss additional treatment options, and students will be allowed to stay in school during this time.  If initial treatment methods continue to prove ineffective, a conference with parent, school nurse and school administrator will be scheduled to develop additional treatment options. School nurse may provide additional resources and/or referrals to the family.

(cf.5141.3 – Health Examinations)

(cf. 5141.6 – Student Health and Social Services)

If a student is found consistently infested with head lice, he/she may be referred to a multidisciplinary team, which may consist of the school nurse, representatives from the local health department and social services, and other appropriate individuals, to determine the best approach for identifying and resolving problems contributing to the student’s lice infestations. 

Consistently infested is defined as 6 consecutive weeks or 3 separate months of infestation within a school year per California Department of Public Health.

(cf. 5113 – Absences and Excuses)

(cf. 5113.2) – Truancy)

If there are two or more students affected in any class, the principal or designed may, at his/her discretion, notify parents/guardians of students in that class or school that head lice has been identified and provide information about the detection and treatment of head lice.  After due consideration of specific circumstances, the Principal in consultation with Health Services staff, will determine if notification is warranted. 

In order to protect the identity and dignity of students, staff shall maintain the privacy of students identified as having head lice. Information will only be shared with school administrators and others directly impacted by the potential infestation.  (cf. 4119.25/4219.25/4319.25 – Unauthorized Release of Confidential/Privileged Information/All Personnel)

The Superintendent or designee may distribute information to parents/guardian regarding screening, symptoms, accurate diagnosis, and proper treatment of head lice infestations. The Superintendent or designee may also provide related information to school staff.  (cf. 4131 – Certificated Personnel/Staff”

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