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Head Lice Without Symptoms

view from behind of woman scratching head and fluffing her hair

Updated on July 19, 2020

Some people with head lice itch; others do not!

People often ask us if they can have head lice even though they have no symptoms. Truthfully, most people with head lice feel itchy. But not everyone has symptoms. In fact, one person may have a scalp filled with lice feeding off of it, while another person may have only one bug. Strangely, the person who has several lice, may not feel itchy at all, while the person with one louse may feel tremendously itchy.

The reason for that is that itchiness is caused by a reaction to the saliva injected into your scalp by the bug. Some people are sensitive to the saliva while others are not. This is similar to the reactions to mosquito bites; some people are sensitive to mosquito bites while others are impervious to them.

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