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Head Lice (Ukus) in Hawaii

Updated on April 10, 2017


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Head lice or ukus love the warm Hawaiian climate, in fact, head lice really thrive here. In the Honolulu area, children play outside together. As they run, jump, and climb, they come into close physical contact. Kids hug each other. In general, while we love the close contact, there is a negative side to it: head-to-head contact is how lice are transferred from person to person. Lice may be transmitted via an object like a brush, a cap, or a chair, but that is far less common. Lice enjoy three meals a day by biting the head and withdrawing blood. They do not like to go to objects because there is no blood i.e. food for them. They wait until another human head is close by and then they make their move! In addition we know that when families are on vacation, they tend to be in close proximity in the hotel, plane, and/or car. As Hawaii is a vacation destination for families, unfortunately families may unwittingly bring lice with them and then pass it around ultimately to non-families members. Putting a lice repellent on the hair like LiceDoctors Peppermint Repellent Spray or a drug store hair gel, mousse or hair spray helps to protect the hair against a lice invasion. This not always the case, but these products make it more difficult for the lice to cling onto the hair. Chemical pesticides are no longer particularly effective in killing lice or nits. Lice have morphed over time (Google "super lice") and are resistant to chemicals. Nits have a protective shell that renders them impervious to chemicals. If you find that your child has head lice, give LiceDoctors a call at 808-664-1237. An experienced lice professional will be at your home whenever you need us. LiceDoctors has successfully treated well over 250,000 clients. We will successfully treat you too!

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