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Everett School Lice Policy

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Updated on July 19, 2020

In 2010, the Everett School District revised its lice policy; no longer are students excluded from school because of head lice.

“EVERETT, Wash. — Everett schools are allowing children with head lice to remain in class while they are being treated.

The district says the change in policy is based on thinking that missing class is worse than the risk of spreading the itchy parasites.” Source: The Daily Caller

It is important to note that head lice will not go away by themselves. They require treatment which involves physically removing the nits from the hair and killing the lice. Chemical treatments are often not effective in killing the lice and they do nothing to the nits. If you encounter a case of head lice call LiceDoctors today and an experienced technician will help you out. We guarantee it and 400,000 satisfied clients back us up! Make an appointment or ask a question at 206-316-8637 .