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Does Mayonnaise Work To Eliminate Lice

Updated on April 9, 2017

Mayonnaise Head Lice Treatment Lice Doctors

You may have heard that mayonnaise is an effective remedy for head lice. Some people try mayonnaise in an attempt to suffocate the bugs. These people have the right idea but a very difficult product with which to work. Lice have mutated over the past several years and have a developed a resistance to many chemical treatments. (search “super lice”). As a head lice treatment service, we at LiceDoctors receive several phone calls a day from parents who have tried chemical head lice treatments that have not worked. The majority of these parents tell us that they used the chemical shampoos and that they are still finding nits and in some cases are still seeing live bugs in the hair. In addition, they are upset because they reluctantly applied chemicals on the children heads, thinking that these treatments were their only alternative. According to, “Seizures, behavioral changes, attention deficit disorders, brain injury, skin diseases, and even death have been reported to the United States-based National Pediculosis Association’s registry by people who have used chemical treatments to get rid of head lice or scabies”. While these reactions are clearly extreme, why take chances when there are safer and more effective treatments available? Mayonnaise is completely safe but as we said before it is not an easy product to use. LiceDoctors was once called to treat a girl in Hartford who, unbeknown to us, had applied mayonnaise to her hair before we got there. Mayonnaise acts as a suffocant so the girl was on the right track. Unfortunately mayonnaise dries quickly and becomes very cakey. Once that happens it is impossible to get the lice comb through the hair. This is what happened in this case and the girl ended up washing out the mayonnaise and drying it so that we could start with dry hair to do a thorough lice treatment. The good news is she did not use chemicals so she did no harm to herself. Another challenge when using mayonnaise is that it is opaque. That means if you comb the hair quickly before it dries so that you can get the comb through, you will pull out mayo and you will have a hard time identifying the bugs and eggs. Alternatively oils are viscous enough to suffocate the bugs and clear enough so that you can see the lice and nits. No matter what product you use to suffocate bugs, it is also important that you pull all of the nits out of the hair. This could be a very challenging task particularly if you are not an experienced lice professional who can locate and identify tiny nits (lice eggs) and elusive lice bugs. If you leave even a couple of nits in the hair, the case will perpetuate. Before you start messing with mayonnaise, we suggest you give us a try. We will eradicate your lice case safely and efficiently....that's a guarantee! Call LiceDoctors today at 860-650-0315.