Does Hair Dye Kill Head Lice?


“Thank you, LiceDoctors for doing such a thorough check and treatment on my hair.” Recently, when we were treating a family in Louisville, Kentucky, a hair stylist friend of the family stopped by during the treatment process. She mentioned that she had heard that hair dye will actually help families to get rid of lice and she asked us if that was true. Hair dye is effective in killing head lice. It does not, however, have any impact on the eggs in the hair. Those eggs (nits) have such a hard shell that the dye cannot penetrate. Nits must be physically removed from the hair via combing and/or picking. We certainly do not recommend that a child be exposed to hair dye for the purpose of killing lice. There is a myth related to hair dye and lice and that is that people with dyed hair cannot get lice. Lice gravitate as much to dyed hair as to hair that has not been colored. The bug need only be able to climb up the hair to get to its food source, which is the blood in the head.  There is nothing about dyed hair that prevents or discourages lice from attaching to the hair shaft to make the pilgrimage to the scalp. If you find that you have head lice, leave it to the professionals. Call LiceDoctors for same day treatment at your convenience, day or night. Questions?  Call 502-805-1147