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Boca Raton School Head Lice Policy

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Palm Beach County Schools continue to enforce strict “no nit” policies for students found to have lice. This means children are not allowed to return to the classrooms until all evidence of lice (bugs or nits) is gone.


Response to Identified Infestations

The principal is responsible for ensuring that contact with the student's parent/guardian has been attempted and for excluding from school any student who is found to have lice or nits, as soon as is practically possible or at the end of the school day. All reasonable efforts will be made to prevent close contact of affected students with others until dismissal.

The principal will permit the re-admission of any students after they are determined to be free of lice or nits by the school nurse or assigned designee.

Persistent problems will be referred, by the school nurse or principal’s designee, to appropriate agencies for assistance.

Source: School Board Palm Beach County

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