Will Head Lice Go Away Without Treatment?

confused woman shrugging

What happens to a case of head lice if you ignore it? Will the lice eventually die out? Unfortunately the answer is a definite NO.

closeup of thousands of lice eggs on dark brown hair scalp showing scabs and sores

As seen above the head lice infestation will get worse over time.

Oh No! My Child has Lice!

You see the tell-tale signs. You see your child scratching. Maybe you see some sticky things in the hair. But really? Maybe it isn't head lice. Please let it not be head lice. I do not have the time or stomach for this. Maybe it will go away on its own? After all, the bugs don’t live forever, right?

Here’s what happens: head lice live for about 30 days. Over that period of time, they lay 6 to 10 eggs (nits) a day. After about 10 days, each of those eggs hatches. The baby that comes out of the egg is called a nymph. Within about two weeks, that nymph is mature and ready to start laying eggs. You can see what will happen. Basically the number of nits and bugs increases exponentially over time. When left untreated, you will eventually have thousands of nits and hundreds of bugs in the hair.

closeup of thousands of lice eggs on brown hair

Above is case that has gone untreated for months.


dark hair, slick with oil, thousands of eggs and live lice


You had Better Oil Up that Scalp ASAP

The first thing that we at LiceDoctors do is apply oil to the scalp. The viscous oil works to suffocate the bugs and loosen the eggs. Then we go to town combing and wiping and combing and wiping and combing and wiping the nits onto a paper towel. We do this methodically and thoroughly. This job cannot be done haphazardly or you will leave nits behind. What happens if you leave a few nits in the hair? Those nits will hatch and if left untreated, the number will increase and you will be back to where you started: with a head full of lice and nits.

The next step is critical and requires expertise. We wash and dry the hair and go back through sections of the hair, checking every strand. If we find an egg that was left behind with the combing, we physically extract it. You have to be able to see the eggs, identify them, and remove them. This is an exact science and there is unfortunately not room for error. As we said before, if nits are left behind, they will hatch.

When We Finish You are LIce-Free!

brown hair, now clean and free of nits and lice

Here is the young patient post-treatment….no more lice or nits in the hair!

While you may experience a desire to hide in a hole or run for the hills upon finding head lice, the fact is you need to confront the lice problem “head on”! That is where LiceDoctors comes in. With 350,000 lice treatments under our belt, we will take the burden off of you and make sure that you are lice-free when we leave your home. No case is too tough for us! Give us a call today at 800-224-3527 and we will help you out. That's a guarantee.