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Why Lice Occur During Pregnancy?

Why Lice Occur During Pregnancy?
Updated on 
March 27, 2017

Pregnancy is often one of the most rewarding times of a woman’s life, but also can be one of the most challenging. While pregnant, a mother’s primary focus is being as cautious as possible so she can provide a safe haven for her unborn child. So, what is a woman to do when she finds that she has lice while pregnant?

Why Lice Occur During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you have likely taken every precaution possible to ensure life is as stress free as possible and that you and your family remain healthy. Upon finding head lice then, it would be natural for you to wonder why. Especially during this time where you are so careful, why or how, do you have lice during pregnancy? Rest assured, it is nothing you did or did not do that caused you to get lice while you are pregnant. True, there are steps that can be taken to lower a person’s chances of getting head lice, but short of shaving your head bald, there is no 100% guaranteed way to ensure you do not get a case of head lice during your pregnancy.

Reason For Lice In Pregnancy

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Lice always happen at the most inconvenient of times, when you least expect it. You will agree, when planning for the birth of a child, it is pretty inconvenient to get lice. When trying to understand how one would get lice in pregnancy, you only need to know how any other person who is not pregnant would get lice. The most common way that lice are transmitted is by way of direct contact of your head with another person’s head that has a lice infestation. The bugs simply crawl from one head to another. While uncommon, it is also possible to get lice from inanimate objects like scarves or hats, or even bus, airplane, or train seats. To be sure, there was nothing you did or did not do that put you at any additional risk of getting head lice compared with the risk you had prior to your pregnancy.

Lice Treatment While Being Pregnant

Having come to terms with the fact that you do have a case of head lice through no fault of your own, you will likely want to move onto the next most pressing matter at hand: Is there a lice treatment safe for pregnancy? At LiceDoctors, we can assure you that, yes, there is. While you would likely want to be more selective regarding the treatment option you choose, lice treatment in pregnancy is possible. Ariel in Indianapolis called us recently to thank us for helping her family to get rid of the case of head lice that had infested the family. She is pregnant with her third child and when she discovered that she has head lice, she immediately called her pediatrician to ask his advice about chemical lice shampoos  - namely how it would affect her baby?  He advised her to call LiceDoctors. The reason for that is, he told her that our all-natural plans work and that treatments are SAFE.

Wet Combing

Head lice in pregnancy are best treated with wet combing since it’s completely free of any risk, and yet extremely effective. You may be thinking this means wet with water, but we actually recommend olive oil along with a professional nit comb.

Home Remedies

Do you get lice during pregnancy and wonder which of the home remedies for lice are safe for you? Coating the hair in olive oil is more effective and less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other oils, especially essential oils.

Prescription Medications

There’s almost no human study data about prescription ivermectin in pregnant women, so your doctor needs to weigh benefits against potential risks. Lindane is considered potentially dangerous for babies in utero and nursing babies. To treat head lice during pregnancy successfully, our all-natural methods actually have a higher success rate and no risk.

Can You Use Lice Shampoo When Pregnant?

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At LiceDoctors, we do not recommend pesticide treatments for anyone, especially pesticide lice treatment while pregnant. There are a number of reasons why we recommend and prefer all-natural treatment. Among those are the facts that pesticide lice treatments, while the go-to option for families for years are losing their effectiveness, especially in the cases of super lice. In addition, they come with undesirable side effects such as excessive itching and potential effects from toxic chemicals. The only way to know you have super lice is when chemical treatments fail, so you could potentially be exposing yourself to chemicals that will not get rid of your case of lice anyway. Ariel, mentioned above, advised us that her pediatrician proceeded to tell her that when a woman is pregnant and uses the chemical pesticides, he puts her in what he called “category x”. When she questioned him as to the meaning of this, he told her that the ingredients in the chemical pesticide lice shampoos can have a “neurotoxic” effect on the baby and that the pregnancy can be risky. While we do not know for sure the long-term effects of usage of pediculicides, certainly it is safer for pregnant women to stay away from chemicals.


LiceDoctors technicians use all-natural treatment plans that work to get rid of your head lice problems without the potential risks that come with the use of dangerous chemicals. We are sure you will agree that this is a safe option for everyone in the family, even the expectant mother, and eventually, her infant. Technicians have treated more than 500,000 clients using all-natural, hassle-free lice treatment protocols. Call us at 800-224-2537 with questions or to book an appointment.

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Why Lice Occur During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is often one of the most rewarding times of a woman’s life, but also can be one of the most challenging. While pregnant, a mother��s primary focus is being as cautious as possible so she can provide a safe haven for her unborn child. So, what is a woman to do when she finds that she has lice while pregnant?

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