Lice in the Home: You Don’t Need to Bag Your Children’s Stuffed Animals!

Cute plush stuffed animals and Teddy bears posed on a bench.

Your child has head lice. Understandably, it is a very stressful time for your family. Perhaps you have been trying in vain to get rid of the lice and their seemingly unending stream of nits or eggs. Your child is at the end of her rope, as are you. You are thinking how many more times am I going to ask her to sit down while I pick at her scalp and pull at her hair?

In the meantime you go on the Internet and you read that you must put all of her toys in a plastic bag. She is already upset and now you're being advised to take away her favorite stuffed animal, a source of comfort to her. That generally ends in one of two ways:

1. Your child becomes forlorn and you try to cajole her, explaining that this is something that must be done to get rid of the lice. Mmmm…not exactly a successful strategy.

Sad little girl hugging Teddy Bear

2. Your child rises in rebellion, clinging to her beloved stuffed animal, and demands that you leave her and the toy alone.

Long haired girl with plush stuffed animal; pointing and grimacing.

Ugghhh. You are ready to pull out your hair (literally!)

Ok. Here’s the good news: you do NOT need to pack away the stuffed animals. Yes, you read that correctly. Lice cannot live off of the head for more than a few hours. In addition, the bugs do you not like to leave the head and go on to an inanimate object where there is no food for them. When they leave the head, it is usually to move to another head where there is human blood (their food). Furthermore, nits are not contagious. The nits cling to the hair, and if for some reason they fall off (not likely) they can not reattach to the hair.

At LiceDoctors, we have been called in to treat lice in nearly 100,000 homes. Many parents have gone through the trauma of bagging everything in their homes. We hope that by reading this blog, you save yourself from the waste of time and energy that goes into this useless endeavor.

We always say that when it comes to a louse, it is about treating the head, not the house.

The only way you will get rid of a lice infestation is to eliminate all lice and nits from the head and do a simple follow-up to ensure that the case is gone for good. LiceDoctors will come to your home day or night and get rid of the lice infestation and we promise that both you are your child will be happy!

Smiling girl tightly hugging stuffed animal

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