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Wendy Beck Lice Specialist

Wendy Beck

Wendy Beck is one of the leading lice professionals in the lice removal business and one of the earliest pioneers in the industry. With over 20 years of experience, Wendy has successfully eradicated head lice in families across the U.S. In addition to treating families in their homes, Wendy has been called in to treat children at public and private schools, camps, and day care centers. Wendy is a sought-after speaker on the subject of head lice eradication and has presented to medical professionals, families, and school and camp staff on how to recognize, treat, and eliminate lice and nits. Wendy is the mother of a daughter and a son. She is thrilled to be an owner of LiceDoctors and is happy to be able to help families who want chemical-free, effective lice treatment services.

Karen Lice Specialist

Karen Sokoloff

Karen Sokoloff has been in the lice treatment field for over 10 years. Karen has also given many presentations on the subject of lice treatment protocols to medical and school professionals as well as to parents and children and has extensive field experience successfully treating families. Before joining the lice treatment profession, Karen wrote extensively on the pharmaceutical industry as a marketing consultant. She had concerns about the safety and efficacy of chemical treatments and is a committed advocate of chemical-free lice treatment services used by technicians with LiceDoctors.  Karen is the mother of three adult children and is proud to be an owner of a company that has helped so many families safely and effectively.

Lice Doctor

Dr. Stephen Beck

Dr. Stephen Beck is LiceDoctors’ on-staff medical director. He is a renowned physician and has over 35 years of experience as a board-certified Internist. Dr. Beck became interested in head lice when he realized that chemical treatments did not eradicate head lice on his patients. He conducted extensive research on the life cycle of head lice and emphasizes that lice treatments are most effective when the 3 stages of head lice (nit, nymph, and adult) are addressed and eliminated. As a physician and a father, Dr. Beck is committed to ensuring that families with head lice are treated thoroughly and safely.

LiceDoctors Values Community

Domestic Violence Shelters

When people are in close contact to each other, if one person has head lice, it easily spread to others. Families in shelters may be at higher risk due to their proximity to others. At LiceDoctors, we advise shelters on safe treatments and we contribute financially to shelters that house women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Below is a list of shelters where we have contributed:

  • Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC)–Sarasota, Florida
  • Center of Hope for Women and Children–Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Long Island Against Domestic Violence (LIADV)–Suffolk County, New York
  • Hope Ministries–Des Moines, Iowa
  • Rachel Coalition–Essex County, New Jersey
  • Laura’s Home–Cleveland, Ohio
  • The Family Place–Dallas, Texas
  • Safe House–Denver, Colorado
  • Rachel’s Women’s Center-San Diego, California
  • The Shade Tree-North Las Vegas, Nevada

Community Service

We are proud of our technicians who give back to their communities:

Lice Doctor

Christina volunteers at La Ventana De Los Cielos Foundation in Homestead, Florida. The organization helps children and teenagers with special abilities to enjoy a better lifestyle.

Lice Doctor Volunteer

Sean in Tampa, Florida volunteers at the Salvation Army. Here he is helping to feed dinner to 180 people.


Periel is a longtime animal rescue volunteer. She volunteers to help homeless animals find homes at mobile adoption events for Los Angeles shelter dogs as well as with Kinder4Rescue in North Hollywood, CA.


This is a photo of Renee from Denver volunteering at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. She is in the middle with the blue vest.