Lice Treatment Comparison

Treatment Choices LiceDoctors Lice Treatment Heating Device Companies Other Nitpicking Services OTC Chemical Products Prescription Products
PRICE $199 for the first hour (including travel up to 50 miles) and $99 for each additional hour $165-$245 per person

$100-$125 average per hour plus travel


$150-$200 average per person plus travel

$20-$25 for product per person. Other costs when using these products include missed days of work and school, extra child care expenses,  dry cleaning and laundry, hours of time spent applying product and combing (often in vain), doctors visits, hair items thrown away unnecessarily

Cost of Doctors Visit

Treatment cost—

Ulesfia-$354 for 456 grams or $60 for 4 oz (usually require 3-6 bottles per person)(1)

Ovide average over $150 for 2oz (1)

Lindane-average $90 for 1 oz (2)
AVERAGE PRICE FOR FAMILY OF 4 $300-$450 (including travel) $660-$780 $600-$800 –based on per person charges or advertised time per client (1.5-2 hours) plus travel for mobile $80-$100 plus above-mentioned costs Several hundred dollars to over thousand dollars
GUARANTEE 30 Days Varies by location and treatment option—30 days or fewer Varies by location: 2 weeks to 4 weeks None- limited consumer warranty None
PESTICIDES None None Usually none Permethrin, Pyrethrins  (brands include Rid, Nix, Elimite) 1.Benzyl Alcohol 2.Malathion                    3. Lindane
EEFFECTIVENESS OF TREATMENT 99.9% with simple at-home follow-up plan—LiceDoctors has highest publicized success rate 94.8% for experienced operators (1) Varies depending on treatment protocol and expertise of lice technician 20-30% (1) Ulesfia—92% day one after treatment--75% day 15 after treatment (3)                     Malathion-85% (4)  Lindane-78% (5)
RISKS/WARNINGS None—safe for all ages. No chemicals used. No recurrence of treated case. Can not be used on people who can’t sense heat or pain or who have open wounds on head or who have had radiation treatment to head within past 6 months or who have facial implants. Not demonstrated to be safe for kids under 4 years of age…. “CAUTION: Because the device delivers heated air, there is a slight possibility of scalp burn if the device is not used according to instructions.” (2) Usually none; possible recurrence Burning, itching, numbness, rash, redness, stinging, swelling, or tingling of the scalp. Nervous system side effects have included numbness and tingling (1% to 2%). Headache and dizziness have also been reported. Rare occurrences of seizure have been reported…Gastrointestinal side effects have included abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea and/or vomiting. General side effects have included fever. (2)

1. Ulesfia--Side effects may include redness and itching of the scalp. The use of benzyl alcohol to disinfect medical devices has been shown to cause seizures and other severe reactions in newborn infants. Therefore, lice treatment with benzyl alcohol is not approved for use in children less than 6 months of age. (6)

2. Ovide-- Malathion is approved for use with people age 6 or older due to potential for seizures. The drug has a high alcohol content, so it can't be used with a hair dryer or near an open flame. (Can be flammable) (7)

3. Lindane-- This medicated shampoo has a risk of severe side effects, including seizures, and is used only when other treatments have failed. It is not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for use on children. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that it should not be used on anyone who weighs less than 110 pounds (50 kilograms), is pregnant or breast-feeding, has a history of seizures, or has HIV infection. (8

Per National Pediculosis Association “There are health risks inherent with the use of pesticides on children and these risks increase dramatically when you follow one chemical.
NUMBER OF CLIENTS TREATED 400,000+ 200,000 Varies (ask the question) NA NA
AVAILABILITY 7 am to midnight, 365 days a year Salons usually 10-6; 5-6 days a week Salons usually 10-6; 5-6 days a week NA NA
MEDICAL DOCTOR ON STAFF Yes. Dr. Stephen Beck, board-certified physician. No Salons usually 10-6; 5-6 days a week NA NA

1. Journal of Medical Entomology