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Lice Screenings For Social Services

Do you have clients who are dealing with head lice? LiceDoctors, the most experienced lice treatment service in the country, will dispatch an experienced lice technician to a facility or to a client’s home. Treatment will be done at your convenience;  it is chemical-free and has a 30 day guarantee.

Lice Screenings For Social Services
Where Can LiceDoctors Help?

Where Can LiceDoctors Help?

LiceDoctors is often contacted by social service agencies to help families in need. We dispatch a knowledgeable, discreet, and sensitive technician to the homes of families suffering from head lice. Occasionally, we treat children in shelters, as well. We have relationships with several agencies and organizations that provide social services assistance including Children Health Network, Department of Child and Family Service, Department of Youth and Family Services, and other school and state social workers and foster child agencies. There is no reason for  children and their families to face head lice eradication alone.

Our Head Lice Screening Process

Call LiceDoctors

Call LiceDoctors today at 800-224-2537 to learn about our convenient and private lice treatment service. A knowledgeable dispatcher is available from early morning until late night to answer your questions and set up an appointment with your clients. We can fill out any authorizations that you need for your agency. LiceDoctors has the benefit of experience, having treated nearly 600,000 clients successfully and safely. We have technicians available at the time that you request.

Call In The Lice Experts
We will check out your people for lice!
We will check out your people for lice!

A LiceDoctors lice technician will arrive at the designated location (usually the client’s home) and will check and treat all family members. Head lice are very contagious so you want to make sure that the case is eliminated from all household members. The technician will follow a comprehensive lice removal protocol that involves applying oil, combing through the hair, washing and drying the hair, doing a strand by strand lice check and nit (lice egg) removal, and then doing a final wet treatment. These are essential steps in lice eradication and are best done by a professional who can find even the tiniest, most camouflaged nits. When it comes to lice eradication, especially with advanced cases, you need an experienced nitpicker. Your LiceDoctors technician will leave the family with a simple aftercare plan that will ensure that this case of lice is gone for good.

Why Choose LiceDoctors for Social Services Organizations?

LiceDoctors has worked with many Social Services agencies over the years and we know how to help you process requests easily and smoothly. There are many reasons to choose us:
No other service has LiceDoctors’ track record--nearly 600,000 clients treated.
We have an unparalleled 99.6% success rate.
All lice treatments are done in the family’s home or at a designated place.
The treatment is chemical-free and safe for all ages and for pregnant women.
LiceDoctors charges an hourly rate, which is usually a lot lower than a per person rate.
In-home lice elimination is discreet and allows for maximum privacy.
Aftercare Plan
This simple plan, done by the client, eliminates the need for house cleaning and keeps this lice case from returning.
Treatments come with a 30 day guarantee.


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Benefits of LiceDoctors in-home head lice treatment service:

  • Experienced-successfully treated over 500,000 clients
  • Safe, guaranteed, and effective
  • Convenient and private in-home service
  • Lowest prices in the area
  • LiceDoctors has a 99.6% success rate
  • Medical professionals on staff
  • Treatment available 365 days a year
  • HSA and FSA accepted
  • All-natural lice removal service