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Daycare Lice Screenings

Are you finding head lice at your daycare center? Have you had a lice problem in the past and you want to avoid one now? Or are you being proactive and just want to make sure that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of a head lice outbreak?
LiceDoctors will come to your daycare center and do a professional head lice check on all of the children. Our technicians are experts at uncovering any case of head lice, no matter how early or advanced the case is. The technicians will do so discreetly so as to avoid stigma and class interruption.

Daycare Lice Screenings
Child Care Head Lice Policy

Child Care Head Lice Policy

Most daycare centers follow the guidelines imposed at the local public schools. The majority of school systems have moved to eliminate “no nit” policies, meaning that children with nits (lice eggs only) are permitted to remain in school, as long as no live lice are found.

No matter what your head lice policy is, your LiceDoctors technician(s) will provide you with an accurate screening. In some instances, daycare centers ask us to treat the infested child at the center, which we will do. In some instances the child is sent home (either upon discovery of lice or at the end of the day) and we can make a house call to the family and check and treat other family members. Head lice are very contagious and if a child has it, chances are other family members do as well. You want to make sure that the problem is treated at its source or the child will continue to return to daycare with lice.

Our Head Lice Screening Process

Call LiceDoctors

Give us a call at 800-224-2537 any time between 7:00 am and midnight (EST) and we will dispatch technician(s) to your daycare center. We have been in the lice business for over 20 years and we are experts in lice detection and removal. LiceDoctors has successfully treated nearly 600,000 clients. You can be confident that when your technician arrives, she will closely check all of the children and staff to be sure that all cases are identified. If even one person is left with an undiagnosed case, the lice problem will continue. You can be confident with the most experienced lice treatment service: LiceDoctors!

Call In The Lice Experts
We will check out your kid’s head!

Your technicians will bring the proper tools and lighting to ensure that they can see and identify all cases of lice. Lice detection is best left to the professionals as lice are hard to find for the unpracticed eye; lice move extremely fast when a light is shone and the nits (eggs) are tiny and blend into the hair. LiceDoctors has the experience to find the lice and also the expertise to work with children who may be restless when examined by less adept lice checkers. LiceDoctors technicians are warm and friendly and are great with children. If any nits are found, we will show them to you so you can show them to the parents.

We are treating teachers too!

As lice are so contagious, it is certainly possible that teachers and other staff members have contracted a case. If a child has lice, anyone who comes into close contact with that child is at risk for getting lice. Lice are transmitted by head to head contact. Teachers who work at daycare centers are at higher than average risk because of the close proximity that they are in with the children. 

When we make visits to daycare centers, we are usually asked to check staff members. No matter whom we are checking, we do so using a step by step, chemical-free protocol. If we find lice on a teacher, we can treat the person at the daycare center or make a house to check all members of the family or if the person chooses, she can self-treat at home.


Why choose LiceDoctors for Daycare Lice Screenings?

Confidential and convenient screenings right at your daycare center
Treatments have unequalled success rate of 99.6% and come with 30 day guarantee
Unmatched track record of checking and treating lice for over 20 years
Affordable prices; usually our prices are the lowest in the area
Experienced lice technicians who will educate you about lice as they check
Operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Chemical-free lice checks and treatments are safe for all ages
LiceDoctors is under the guidance of a medical professionals
We work with you to implement a lice treatment plan for any children or staff found to have lice


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Benefits of LiceDoctors in-home head lice treatment service:

  • Experienced-successfully treated over 500,000 clients
  • Safe, guaranteed, and effective
  • Convenient and private in-home service
  • Lowest prices in the area
  • LiceDoctors has a 99.6% success rate
  • medical professionals on staff
  • Treatment available 365 days a year
  • HSA and FSA accepted
  • All-natural lice removal service