Professional Lice Treatment

Natural Treatments For Lice

natural treatment for lice

Why use a natural treatment for lice? Why use natural treatments for head lice? Lice have mutated over the past several years and have developed a resistance to many chemical treatments.

History of Head Lice Treatment

History Of Lice

Where Did Those Lice Come From That Are in My Kid’s Hair? Many parents are so incensed that their children have head lice that they ponder this question.

Differences Among Head Lice, Body Lice, and Pubic Lice

Image of Different Types Of Lice

Occasionally at LiceDoctors, we get a call from someone who describes symptoms of either body lice or pubic lice. While we are experts in head lice, we are not experts in body or pubic lice and, therefore, we recommend that those callers contact their doctor.