Professional Lice Treatment

What is the Best Lice Treatment for You?

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There are many routes you can take when you discover head lice. You may purchase an over the counter lice shampoo, call your pediatrician, try a homeopathic remedy or a homemade lice treatment, or you may decide to go with a  lice professional.

How to Discuss Head Lice With Other Parents

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You have found that your child has head lice. You are dealing with the problem of eradicating it. That may feel like a challenge in and of itself.  Next come the questions: Do I let my children's friends know about this? Should I call their parents? What do I say to them? LiceDoctors has lots of experience and can help you know what to say.

Here’s the Life Cycle of Head Lice

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The treatment of head lice must be tailored to the stage of the louse in order to be effective. A different approach is required to get rid of lice at the bug stage versus at the egg stage.